Bone & Muscle problems


Pain on a right hand anxle

Hello I am getting pain on a right hand anxle its not severe but not mild. I am getting more pain when I hold any objects. I am software enigneer by profession I use lot of mouse and keyboard. I thought it would better inform you. Last month I got viral fever at that time I have body pains. Please help me
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Tailbone pain from 4 months

I am having tailbone pain. It hurts more when I sit for prolonged time or when I sit on bike. I have been taking all the precautions since last three months like no going on bike, sitting foward, using cushion or doing yoga. Permanently it's not getting resolved. My pain depends or vary on day to day basis. I did my x-ray which shows my bone is bend little inward then it should be normally. Went to physio and chiro twice. But nothing worked out permanently.
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Uric acid is at 9mg/dl

I am having a pain in my toe and consulted a doctor. I get my uric acid test and found the uric acid level at 9mg/dl. Please advise can this be prevented without medicines.
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Knee Pain...Low Vitamin D

Pain in left knee and thigh and calf. 16 point Vitamin D after test. Crunchy sound in left knee while walking
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Knee swelling in right leg

Hello sir...can anyone tell me what is the cost of knee surgery?? I am suffering from pain and swelling in my right leg from several months after accident. I am also attaching my knee x-ray and ultrasonic report.
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Upper jaw pain

I am feeling pain upper jaw & even15 days back I had pain in upper jaw but it resolved automatically but again it has started. Right now I don't have any sinus issues & dental  issues. Please suggest is this related to bone. My calcium & vitamin d, b12 all are normal but esr is 33.
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Middle tibia shin pain and bump

I had a fall from stair while climbing up I have a bump and tenderness exactly on the middle of tibia shin. And not severe pain .is there any need of X ray
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Orif ankle surgery

I had a bimalleolar ankle surgery done 5 weeks back and in complete rest now, there's not much pain but I can feel the screws. I feel like it's becoming loose but I don't have any swelling. Is it possible for the screws to get loose? I also have dark skin around the stitches, not the normal scab on the stitches but around the stitches area, is it normal?
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Body pain & bone weakness

I have body pain throughout the year specially in legs & shoulder side.i play cricket throughout the year what should i do
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Cyst in index finger joint

Cyst in index finger joint, had been operated once, regrowth in the same area. Please provide solution
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