Bone & Muscle problems


Shoulder pain

I got a shoulder sprain, I talked to my friend n he had advised to used oxalgin nano gel, I used it for 3 days 3 to 4 times the pain is less now but is the ointment ok to use or shall I discontinue using it.
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Head ache, neck, back and knee pain

I am getting stomach ache and motions whenever I use calcium or pain killer tablets. What should I do
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Blister on great toe

I have this since morning .it is paining a lot and my great toe is bit swelled .sir i want it to get better till tomorrow evening for diwali as i m nt able to wear any footwears...please help
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Bump after healing boxer's fracture

I had boxer's fracture. Doctor put straight cast and removed after at 4th week. Bone is healing with some angulation. Now I am at 5th week and I can make almost full fist but I have huge bony bump over fracture spot. Will it go away naturally?
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Non diabetic Charcot foot

Severe disorder in left foot and ankle bones with swelling and discharging sinus. There've been various complications since last 8 years, but doctors we're seeing have not been able to diagnose and provide suitable treatment. X-ray and CT-scan reports show that joints in the foot have deformed. Is there a way one can cure this or even stop further damage to the bones. Pls HELP!
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Flat Foot problem

I have flat foot .I am about to turn 17yrs after 2 months. Is it curable at this age ? I want to join Armed Forces (a place where this is a cause for rejection ). Please suggest some methods or exercises or a good Doctor (in Nagpur )to cure this completely .
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Flat foot provlem

I am having flat foot since birth !! My dad too had flat foot but he got operated in his childhood , but when I approached orthopaedic doctor at the age of 12 he suggested a sole for my shoe rather operation as did to my dad . Wearing the special was very painful so I discounted it . now at 22 years I am feeling pain.
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Flat foot problems

I have a flat foot and I use running shoes which has a curve ..but even then I'm facing difficulty in running.. My sole hurts me a lot.. Please suggest a good shoe or any other steps for this problem
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Flat foot problem

Dear Sir, I have face some problem about my flat foot. i can't walking properly. when i walk, my foot was very pain. please give me any permanent solution.
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Flat foot problems

I have flat feet which causes much pain right from my foot to my back during prolonged Ealing and standing periods. What is the best way out?
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