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Central Serous Ratinopathy

Hi I am being diagnosed with central serous ratinopathy after visiting opthalmologist. For last one week I was having difficulty in left eye in vision. Doctor has given me navanac and moistane eye drop. My question is how much time it takes to cure it. Doctor has also advised me to take less stress. I am attaching OCT report.
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Lines on eyelid

Frequent crying over long period of time has made by eyes look puffy and with lot of small lines permanently. Any remedies for this?
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Eye stye problem

Doctor I have recently got an eye stye . It's very irritating . Do I consult an ophthalmologist or what should I do now ?
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Burning eyes

I'm experiencing burning sensation in the eyes from last 2-3 days. Having a bit of difficulty due to that , also there is a mild pain as well. I spend 8-10 hours of the day in front of digital screens. Please help me to give some comfort to my eyes
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Eyelid swollen

Only eyelid gets swollen and burns and itches... when it goes down eyelid skin is flaky had happen 2-3 times .. eye or skin doctor will help ?
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Problem of Right Eye

My grand father right eye is visible black dots when he's seeing , what is the problem & should we consult a opthomlogist ?
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Need medical prescriptions

Hi there, I am currently going through Retina swelling(Macular Edema). I have attached my retina scan reports. I am having problem with my right eye vision. The vision is distorted in the center of the eye so I am not able to see cleary using my right eye. I don't smoke, drink or do any other drug. I don't have stress or depression also. I want medical prescriptions for treatment of my eye. Please provide some prescriptions. Currently I am using Dortas Eye Drops for last 4 days but it doesn't seem to be noticibley improving. There is no pain in my eye. But it makes me feel blind sometimes. Need you treatment prescriptions. Thanks.
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Kids astigmatism

Hi , My son is 2.3 year old and in his pre school recently eye screening happed in that it is written that non normal vision indicating astigmatism. Can you please suggest what needs to be done..he is so small to wear eye glasses..
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Blurred vision

Hello.Everyday while doing bike driving i feel blurred vision.Not sure why this is happening.Everytime i feel pain in my eyes when i close them.If i blink it will be blurred again if i blink i can see clearly.For Every 15 min some white thin layers will be formed i need to remove that then only i can see clealry.I got to know that this is because of dry eyes. So started using refresh tears but not sure how to use and how many mintues i need to close my eyes after eye drops..Why am i feeling blur vision while driving?
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Swollen eyelid

I have a swollen right eyelid but no redness or pain. Just eyes burn sometimes during the day. I have kept many compresses but swell is still there. When will this reduce?
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