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Anxiety, insomniac, Emotional breakdowns

Stress, anxiety, emotional breakdowns without reason, not able to sleep Earlier doctor recommended pexep cp and few other meds but when i stopped taking the problem is recurring
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Audatory and visual halucinations

Hi, I hear voices inside my head telling me to do stuff, general stuff, telling me right or wrong, decisions. Also have visual hallucinations. People faces auttomatically say nodding their heads in yes or no as if telling me what to do. without my asking. Body also behaves in uncontrolled manner sometimes like fear. A little stiffness in my left arm. All this seems as if im gonna go mad. Something wrong with my brain i guess. Please advice.
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Mental stress

I need to see a therapist for my mental peace. I need to talk to someone. Its been a longtime, i have not spoken my heart out. Its very suffocating within. This is due to my personal life. I really need help.
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Anxiety issues

Not able to sleep whole night even for a minute. Looking for sleeping pills. Anxiety issues . Please help.
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Headache prob

I get headache regularly.. if I spend more time in sunlight.. I get a bad headache and when I overthink or feel low
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What is best for sleep?

I am very skinny I used mirtazapine 15mg and olanzapine 5mg . and have good sleep. But I think It is not good enough for my depression. Another problem is hair fall don't know by olanzapine or mirtazapine. I want to swith to fluoxetine or escitalopra. Please guide me which is best choice for a skinny person who wants to gain weight also. And very sensittive for his eyesight. Thanks
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Clot dissolved still not recovered

Hi.. my dad got paralysis on 30th march.. its been mire than 6 months still he did not recovered.. his brain ct scan report says moderate size gliotic area in right basal ganglia extending into the right paraventricular deep white matter, sequel to previous vascular insult. Ill defined hypodensity in right temporo paraietel lobe,chronic ischemic in nature. No e/o ic bleed,no eo bony fracture, no eo extra axial hematoma.. What does it mean.. i consulted to a doctor he is saying everything is fine and report is good.. then why they r not recovering? I'm going to vadala for the treatment on every sunday.. he inject something in hand vein and charged 1000 its been 4 injections still no use.. please suggest something as we r lacking with fund now as his salary has been stopped and m student and our relatives r useless..
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Panic migraine

Tab pari cr 12.5 mg is effective for panic disorder... because I have advised for dat ...any side effects of this
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Consultancy about choosing psychology.

I am currently studying in 10th std icse. I want to be a psychologist in future and i want a correct guidence about choosing it as a career. Just saw this site on Google and installed it. Please please help me guide through it as i do not know how many years will it take for me to be a perfect pyscologist and what subjects are required! I am hoping for a reply soon! ☺
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Bad health

My mind is under stress...Very inactive... it seems it has burden load...How to remove this...k
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