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Frequent fever to my kid(3 yrs)

I am living away from home since 4 months because of my profession. My son is getting fever frequently since then for every 10 days. One time hospitalized coz of viral fever. Again today he got fever. Is this because he is missing me? or it could be some other pblm? Please help me.

Blood in loose motion in my 10month baby

My baby is suffering from loose motion in blood since 3 day how can do for next stage

Child health

Sir my son is 9 months old he is having fever from 5 to days and on the advise of doctor i have admitted him in hospital 20/10/2017 and on 19/10 on the advise of doctor we have cbc of my son in which he has 4 lacs platelet count and igm is positive but NS1 is negative and today we have sent his sample for blood count we find his platelet count 2,78,000 so is there any thing to worry.

1 year old green color loose motions

My daughter passes loose motions with green color from last 2 days. I was on anti biotics almost 3 days but we stoped those almost a week back but still she passes green color potty now auddenly from today she start with loos motion same in green color

Suffering from cold

My son is suffering from cold due to this he is unable to sleep whole night yesterday. can I give him mucolite syrup.

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4 Steps to Follow When Suffering From Chicken Pox for a Speedy Recovery

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