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Issues in mouth

I have red dots with yellow in center in inner part of lips. Also teeth gums. Unable to eat anything and having pain in and around that area. Also feel like neck area is getting chocked and painful.

Tooth& mouth

I am 70 very bad smell is coming from my mouth and I am not able to make it nobody is coming to talk with me since 05 years I am suffering with this problem

Dirty smell is coming in mouth

I am addicted to use cool lip i want to free from this but i can't stop this habbit I want to quit this so pls help

Mouth ulcers since 4-5 months

I am a diabetic patient and suffering from mouth ulcers since 4-5 months. Consulted 2-3 doctors and continuing their medicine.

Dental problem regarding white rubber

4 days before I had treatment with doctor in my hometown Vijayawada but due to some urgency work I left 2 my work place Nagpur. The Dr. in Vijayawada had filled my one hole tooth with white type of rubber which became hard now. My query is that after coming to nagpur, I didn't went to doctor for further check up. Is that white rubber type which is kept in my teeth is going to effect me anyway? Or is there any urgency to consult a doctor as few broken pieces of a teeth was extracted on tat day.

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Child Teeth Are God's Gift

Child teeth hold a great importance for his/her overall health and development. They help them in chewing, speaking and smiling. They also hold space for permanent teeth as they are growing in the jaw under the gum area.At birth child has 20 teeth already present in the jaw. First tooth ...

Oral Health Tips For Your New Born

The biggest responsibility of a parent is to instil right value systems and inculcate right habits at the appropriate time. While we proudly teach our children to show their Eyes, Nose, Ears, Teeth, Tongue, etc, a proper cleaning regimen is equally important. Even before your baby sports his ...

Why Do Dental Implants Costs Much? 1/2

 If you’ve ever had a tooth extracted, by accident or by a dentist, then you’ve probably looked into your tooth replacement options, including dental implants.There’s no question that implants are the best long term tooth replacement option, but the cost of the procedure can give some ...

Dental Implants to Be Cheaper by 67% ?

This is the latest news running in media. The statement gained importance when Union Minister for Science and Technology Harsh Vardhan said on Sunday, 22 October, 2017 at inauguration of Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Education and Research Centre and super specialty clinic at ...

What Is Your Tooth Made Up of ?

Your tooth is a living tissue like any part of your body. It is made up of 3 parts. ENAMEL:It is the outermost layer – thinnest but the strongest.DENTIN: It is the Middle Layer and contains nerve endings – Did you get that cold sensations when you had an Ice-cream ? ...

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Dr. Ramya Dentist (BDS, MDS - Prosthodontics) 17 years experience Dental solutions
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Dr. Divyashree Rajendra Dentist (MDS - Orthodontics, BDS, Clear aligner(Spain), Inman aligner(UK), Invisalign Master Class(Thailand), Accreditation to Scheu Dental Academy(Germany), Incognito certification, Invisalign Training Course) 14 years experience Smiles N More Invisalign & Dental Implant Centre
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