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Head injury

Does arnica 30 medicine canbe used in case if infants hand bang with floor to prevent internal clotting?

Seasnal breathg issues,have to take pump

Heavy breathing during diwali.and season. Pls suggest homeopathy... Taken allopathy but it did

11mm left side kidney stone on upper pol

I am 37 years old male patient.i have kidney stone and mild fatty liver .kidney stone is present in left side upper pole of the kidney .it measured about homeopathy treatment is good or can i go surgical treatment.

Cervical spondylosis

Can you provide consultation for homeopathic treatment for cervical spondylosis?

Periods cycle

I was taking ginette 35 for 6 months now I have stopped ; what will be my period cycle..when i was on tablets my cycle used to be of 25 days.. my last period was on 2nd nov

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What Is Nipah Virus? Symptoms and Prevention

1. WHAT IS NIPAH VIRUS AND HOW IT SPREADS?Nipah virus (NiV) infection is the newly emerging zoonosis disease that spreads from animal to humans. The natural host of the virus is fruit bats of the pteropodids family, Pteropus genus. NiV is also capable of causing disease in pigs and other ...

7 Top Conditions Benefitted With Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy employs the anti-gravitational properties of water, hydrostatic pressure and buoyancy to successfully treat health conditions. It relieves pain, joint stress, and builds confidence in a safe and secure environment. Here are the top conditions treated with ...

Fitness Tips for Back and Joints

Almost every individual suffer from back pain or joint pain. The reasons are manifold. Frequently, we simply have a lot to do with our body: in the workplace, we often move too little or we are wrong. But also stress can lead us to go through life no longer without complaint. And in old age wear ...

Osteoporosis- Natural Prevention and Treatment by Diet & Lifestyle

October 20 is observed as 'World Osteoporosis Day'. A day to create awareness on Osteoporosis, a silent bone condition which makes the bones week enough to become prone to fractures even with minimal trauma which render people bed-ridden or paralysed for life. We, at LiveLifeMore® ...

Holistic Approach for a Healthy Heart!!

This World Heart Day, our focus is on creating heart-healthy environments. By ensuring that people are able to make heart-healthy choices wherever they live, work and play. World Heart Day encourages us all to reduce our cardiovascular risk, and promotes a heart-healthy planet for those ...

Dr. Anuja Marawar - Ayurveda
Dr. Anuja Marawar Ayurveda (BAMS, Certificate in Panchakarma) 12 years experience Keva Ayurveda
150 recommendations Whitefield, Bangalore INR 350
80 recommendations Kadubeesanahalli, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. B G Gokulan - Alternative Medicine
Dr. B G Gokulan Alternative Medicine (BAMS) 31 years experience MS Ramaiah Memorial Hospital
1 recommendations New BEL Road, Bangalore INR 550
Dr. Sandhya Kumar - Ayurveda
Dr. Sandhya Kumar Ayurveda (BAMS, MD - Ayurveda) 17 years experience Sarvahitha Ayurvedalaya
6 recommendations BTM Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore INR 200
Dr. D Jayashree - Ayurveda
Dr. D Jayashree Ayurveda (BAMS, Diploma in Acupuncture) 34 years experience Shree Ayur Ganga
291 recommendations Basavanagudi, Bangalore INR 500