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Running nose for Baby

My baby who is 2 years old is having running nose for past two days and she is not able to sleep properly. We are planning to use nebulizer. Please advice a nebulizer medicine go give with .

Cold and cough

My child age is 2month she is a girl. When she born has to suffering from cold and sticky eye. She is all time suffering in his nose to cold. I also used naso clear drop and otriben pediatric drop. But she is good one week after than one week she is suffering the same problem. All time we thought that what is permanent solution. I visit 02 doctor but they advise use the drops when she suffering for clod. Please help me to solve the permanent solution.

Constant common cold to 1 year baby

My son is about one year old and has a frequent complaint of cold and cough.he always suffer from felgum cough..

Daughter has lordosis

13 year old daughter has lordosis. It isn't super noticeable, but if you actually look at it you can notice the curve right above her buttocks. We also tried doing those "tests" where she lays down and tries to see if she can fit her hand through the area where the curve is. She is able to fit almost her whole arm through that area. She hasn't complained of any pain, and I'm not sure if we should see a doctor for this or not.

Flu - like symptoms

3-year-old has runny nose, cold, fever that keeps coming on and off since three days. Around 102F. Appetite is reduced but still eating, no vomiting. Have been giving crocin but fever reappears when medicine wears off. Also complains sometimes of headache and sore mouth.

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Worm Infestation in Children

 Worm infestation in children is very commonly seen in India. The common worm infestations are Threadworm (Enterobius vermicularis), Round Worm (Ascaris lumbricoides) and Hookworm (Ancylostoma duodenale). Your baby can get worms from: Infected soil :This is the most ...

What to Expect From a Newborn Baby?

Once the shock, relief and exhaustion of delivery have worn off a bit, you will probably find that caring for your new baby is a lot of work; wonderful, but still work.Early feelings of parents are of mixed emotions:They are happy, a bit scared, it takes time for the feeling of being mom ...

Is Your Child Bed Wetting?

“Bed wetting is a topic people often shy away from. Parents may be embarrassed to discuss about it with their child specialist/pediatrician, and doctors typically assume that if a child is wetting the bed, the parents will inquire about it. Parents need to be proactive and talk with their ...

Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Kids

Water illnesses can happen when someone has contact with, swallows, or breathes in water that is contaminated with germs. This can happen in a swimming pool, hot tub, water fountain, water park, lake, or ocean.Most such infections are diarrhea-related and often are caused by the parasite ...

Why Do Babies Turn Into Picky Eaters ?

Between 20% to 50% of kids are described by their parents as picky eaters.Why do babies turn into picky eaters? What are the signs? And what can you do about it?Understanding the SignsThe symptoms of a picky eater can seem pretty obvious: Your baby may push away the spoon or turn ...

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