Dihydrofolate Reductase Deficiency Treatment

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Cough and cold

My son,  age 18months, having cough from last night, his weight is 11.200gms, we are giving him brozeet ls, 5 ml 3 times.. plz suggest additional best syrup

Thypoid is positive and no fever

Thypoid is positive but no fever .it's may be possible blood test report is wrong? And fever is gone without anibiotic. it's possible typhoid fever gone without antibiotics? What is the other way to check thypoid a ND in how many days thypoid is gone? I gave thypoid vaccine to child so how is possible she is suffering with thyphoid ?

Age 4 typhoid test is positive

My child typhoid test is positive but she have no fever since two days and she is suffering with mouch rasies,stomatch pain ,back pain,avoid eating  and my doctor is not  give antiboitic due to mouch rasies Please suggest what can i do

Child nutrition advice

My baby boy will turn 6months on September 3 can we start solid food. If yes, plz suggest the diet we can start with for him. Now he is on enfamil stage 1, can we start enfamil stage 2 from September. He is born on April 3rd. Thank you

New born jaundice

Hello My new born baby was suffering from jaundice and her bilirubin level was 17 mg after photo therapy her level was decreased and reached to 13.1 mg and doctor discharge us from hospital. Tell me some precaution

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Why Do I Need to Know About Dengue?

To say it straight- to know is the only solution. Every year, thousands of people in India suffer from Dengue fever and a number of them succumb to the illness. The severity of the situation is evident from the state of hospitals during the beginning and end of summer.The only way is to ...

5 Tips of Breastfeeding

5 TIPS FOR BREAST FEEDINGBreast feeding is the most beautiful part of life for a mother. Apart from its nutritious benefits, it also increases the bonding between mommy and the baby and brings the feeling of belonging to one another.1. The first and the most important tip for ...


#Hello  beautiful ladies, As committed, here I come with an article full of effective home remedies for migraine. Coming up with its permanent and effective supplement soon. Till then keep these things handy and use them to alleviate the pain immediately. Some of these will work as miracle. ...

5 Things to Take Care as Schools Reopen

Summer Vacations are coming to an end but the summers aren’t. So, once your children’s school reopens, it would be difficult for them to bear the heat outside and spend the whole day at the school. Obviously, we can’t help but send them as per the schedule, but their discomfort and chances ...

5 Reasons why your Child has a Stunted Growth

The lifestyle of the contemporary populace has changed drastically over the years. Though it certainly has its own benefits, it doesn’t come without a price paid. The current lifestyle of most urban families invites problems which were rarely seen in earlier days. One of them is the stunted ...

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