Cough In Children Treatment

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Use of theo asthalin syrup in 3year old

My dau is suffering from asthma having mild prescribed sy.theoasthalin.didnt use it until now.does it have any side effect or any serious consequences.

Vomiting after brest feed & bottle feed

My son is 2.5 month old he used to do lots of vomiting after my feed or bottle feed i had given grandem & nepotine medicine but no use

Doctor near parishkaar

I want child doctor address who do vaccinations & believe in simple ways to cure child rather than prescribe lot of medicines. Pls help out.

Hello doc please help me out of my probl

Mere baby ko bahut jayada cold or cough h .khansi bahut hi jayada h ruk hi nhi rahi h please koi medicine suggest kare

High direct bilirubin

My baby is 45 days old now. His direct bilirubin content at birth was 0.4 mg/dl and total bilirubin content was 11 mg/dl. On 45th day his direct bilirubin content is 1.4 mg /dl and total bilirubin content is 8 mg/dl. He has been given only mother's milk since birth. he is feeding well. His birth weight was 3.9 kg at birth and now he weighs 5.8 kg. The baby is urinating atleast 9 times in 24 hours and he is pooing atleast 4 times in 24 hours. His stool is yellow in colour.My doctor advised to check the liver function of the baby as his direct bilirubin content has been raised. Is it a serious problem?? My baby's left renal pelvis size was 8.1 mm during my 9th month growth scan and so the doctor advised to take abdomen scan for the baby when he is 3 months old. Is there any link between these??

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Typhoid Fever: How to Prevent?

Typhoid Fever is so commonly heard off in our country. (I think most common as well as most over diagnosed disease in India).Cause: It is caused by bacteria called Salmonella Typhi (S.Typhi) typically living in humans and are shed through a person’s feces (poop) or urine (pee). Bacteria ...

How to Manage Child With Nose Bleed (Epistaxis) ?

One of the most frightening sites for a parent is to see their child bleed from nose. But you can rest assure that in most cases it is not serious. Most of them can be treated at home. It occurs due to bleeding from small vessels of nose. It happens as a result of break in the tissue ...

Does Your Child Becomes Blue and Seems Lifeless After Crying? It Could Be Breath Holding Spells

Breath Holding Spells:  Your child cries, and stops breathing, and almost turns blue. It is one of the scariest situations for parents. The episode seems life threatening but in reality, it is relatively benign (not serious). And it does not pose any risk to the health of the ...

Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Kids

Water illnesses can happen when someone has contact with, swallows, or breathes in water that is contaminated with germs. This can happen in a swimming pool, hot tub, water fountain, water park, lake, or ocean.Most such infections are diarrhea-related and often are caused by the parasite ...

Why Do Babies Turn Into Picky Eaters ?

Between 20% to 50% of kids are described by their parents as picky eaters.Why do babies turn into picky eaters? What are the signs? And what can you do about it?Understanding the SignsThe symptoms of a picky eater can seem pretty obvious: Your baby may push away the spoon or turn ...

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