Conjunctivitis Treatment

It is an infection caused by viruses or bacteria. Adenovirus and herpes are common virus types responsible for conjunctivitis. The under eye area gets swollen and tender to touch.

It is an infection caused by viruses or bacteria. Adenovirus and herpes are common virus types responsible for conjunctivitis. The under eye area gets swollen and tender to touch. ... More

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I want to remove eye number

I have eye number 3. i want to remove eye numbers. which type of eye surgery is best.if dis advantages of eye surgery after long time so tell me.after eye surgery which type of problem create to possible.

Eye pain ni

Dr sir मेरी आँख में कल दोपहर से आँख में कुछ जाने से आँख बहुत दर्द कर रही है जिससे आँख जल भी रही है और दर्द भी हो रहा है kirpa कर के इलाज़ बातये या कोई allahabad में dr sir बताये

ORA Test query

Today I had ORA ( Ocular response analyser ) test done. My present right eye CCT = 576 My present left eye CCT = 582 My present NCT = OD = 24 mm Hg, OS = 24 mm Hg My ORA readings were OD = 28.6/29.7/ 14.3/ 10.0 OS= 28.3/ 28.5/ 13.4/ 9.3 What these ORA values suggest ? Are my eyes normal ? What is this ORA and what should be it's normal readings ? How are my readings ? - High or normal? Will these readings effect my eyes post LASIK surgery which is scheduled 2 weeks later?.

Spdctacle problem

In my  eye i am wearing -0.75 and -0.50 of power spectacles is their any way to reduce the powers back to normal can any eyedrop is isotine

Pain in eyes and blurriness

My eyes starts paining after 5 min I do anything. Not able to do anything properly. Blurriness also.

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Cornea Transplantation-All It Means to You!

How does our Eye Function?Structure & Function of EyeThe rays of light from anobject strike the transparent cornea and bend(refract) to enter through thepupillary aperture and pass through the lens filter to form an image on the centralpart of retina(macula) which acts as a film. This ...

What Should I Donate for Humanity?

Yes, do you think like this?. What would be your answer if I ask you this question. You will say Money, Cloth,jewellery Toys, your Precious Time etc.Can you think beyond this? Have you thought about Eye Donation? You can help many People who are facing darkness in their life ...

Retinopathy of Prematurity

RETINOPATHY OF PREMATURITY -   DR. CHAHVEER SINGH BINDRA   INTRODUCTION: Originally designated as retrolental fibroplasias by Terry in 1952 who related it with premature birth. The term ROP was coined by Heath in 1951. It is potentially blinding condition typically ...

Simple Tips for Contact Lens Care

Hygiene is of critical importance when handling contact lenses. Hands must be washed well with soap and water and dried with a clean towel or tissue paper prior to handling your contact lens (both during insertion and removal). Personal hygiene like short clean fingernails go a long way in ...

Facts Fixer - Lasik & Smile

Q1. What are A / C / I / K / O / Z - Lasik so on & so forth? Are they all same? Which one is the best for me? Our cornea is never a perfectly spherical structure. Its shape is slightly different. It is rather sort of an “Asphere”. Asphericity and Ocular Aberrations (optical ...

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Dr. Rahul Jain Ophthalmologist (MBBS, DOMS, Fellowship in Glaucoma) 8 years experience Dr. Jain's Eye Clinic
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