Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Treatment

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My baby has eaten silicone baby feeder

Today while feeding milk my baby bymistake consmes a small piece of silicone baby feeder is it problematic She was complaining for a pain in her neck but then we gave her some water to drink and now she is feeling better please tell is it dangerous ?

Ilness of child

I have twince baby they just 9 month old. My babies are always suffering from ilness. I have admited my babies 8 time in the hospital. Some time they havin highe fever, some time cough in chess and etc. Could you please suggest me how to improve there helth?

Hydrocele of my baby

My baby 2 years ten months old. He have right side hydrocele,some doctors suggested to do day care surgery for it whether it is necessary or not?

8 y.o. diagnosed with acid reflux

My 8 year old son was recently diagnosed with acid reflux and started on Ranitidine twice daily. We've also changed his diet in accordance with the "GERD diet." He seems to be getting worse. He complains daily of terrible stomach pains, visits the school nurse frequently and sometimes doesn't even want to eat. This is now affecting his quality of life as we sometimes can't even go do something as simple as going to the park without getting there and having to leave because his stomach starts hurting so badly. (I should add, other than these stomach issues, he is a happy, bright, well adjusted child and anxiety issues have been ruled out.) I'm starting to get worried. Should I be?

Constant vomiting

My 1year son always vomits after any thing intake , cry whole night.when he drinks milk soon after vomits not sleeps very well .rainy nose

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First Aid for Urinary Pain in Kids

Pain, irritation or excessive crying while passing urine should not be ignored as it could be sign of urinary tract infection. If urinary infection spreads it can cause damage to kidney in children.Other causes of Pain during urination could be local injury, stones (which are small masses of ...

Danger Signs - When Fever in Kids Can be More!

Most of the commonly occurring fevers are not harmful and are commonly  caused by seasonal virus.  These fevers are self-limiting . Parents and other family members are really worried and the only thing they want is to decrease the temperature somehow . Latest guidelines ...

Making the Holidays and Vacation Time Safe for Kids

With winter vacation round the corner, this is the time where most of the families plan a holiday with family and friends. It could be your favorite tourist destination or home town visit to grandparents. Lot of travelling, odd time sleep, special traditions and awesome food and hectic schedule; ...

7 Everyday Tips for a Healthy Stomach

1. Increase Fibre Content of DietIncrease in the fibre content of diet is perhaps the single most effective method to achieve a healthy tummy. If you cannot do anything else mentioned in this article, just do this one thing and see the change ! Eat a lot of salads, green vegetables and fruits in ...

How to Prevent Flu in Your Child?

Flu is a serious contagious disease that can lead to hospitalisation and even death. I urge you to take the following actions to protect yourself and others from influenza (the flu): Take time to get a flu vaccine.CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine as the ...

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