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Water coming in to eyes and pain full

I was safaring in this eya problem so please give me answer .. water coming in to my eyes this problem was only four five days me solutions

Eyes blinking Frequently  3yrs girlbaby

My daughter used to see mobile and TV for 4hours per day. For the past four days her eyes are blinking more. Sometimes she used to fully close and open her eyes for two to three times. Night times it will be more than day time. Every 20 to 30seconds once blinking like closing and opening eyes for a second and two to three times. But no tears and pain also. Should I worry? or should I consult Doctor directly? Is that harmful? Will it go off on its own ? How many days it will take to go off? Please guide me. Thank you.

Eye lid bubble swollen watery

Swollen eyelid water from eyes bubble under eye infection not curing inspite all medication and ointments

Excessive blinking

Whenever im stressed or sometimes my eyes does excessive blinking partnered with clenching of jaw. This has been going on for three months

High Rednes and eye ball pain

Hi, My right eye is swollen, burning sensation, pain and red since last 3 weeks. I do not have any discharge from my eyes. As per doctor it seems to be an infection. Doctor has given me zylopred and lubrex I am using 4 drops since last 5 days. I see that there is no improvement on discomfort, redness and swelling even after applying drops. I feel little comfortable only when i apply cold compress. I am worried as it is not reducing since 2 weeks and more. Can you advice what should i do.

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Eye Safety Tips

Few safety tips which can help keep your children and their eyes safe. Bathroom and Kitchen• Teach children not to play with forks, knives, combs or toothbrushes.• Keep detergents, cleaning supplies, nail polish remover, mouthwash and makeup in lock and key or out of ...

Do You Work on Computer for Long Hours? You Could Be Suffering From Computer Vision Syndrome!

Oral omega-3 fatty acids treatment in computer vision syndrome related dry eye.Bhargava R et al.AbstractPURPOSE:To assess the efficacy of dietary consumption of omega-3 fatty acids (O3FAs) on dry eye symptoms, Schirmer test, tear film break up time (TBUT) and conjunctival impression ...

Are You Using Contact Lenses and Having Dry Eyes?

Oral omega-3 fatty acid treatment for dry eye in contact lens wearers.Bhargava R1, Kumar P.Author informationAbstractPURPOSE:The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of dietary omega-3 fatty acid (O3FA) supplementation on dry eye symptoms, tear film tests, and conjunctival impression ...

Omega 3 Fatty Acids for Healthy Eyes

Short-Term Omega 3 Fatty Acids Treatment for Dry Eye in Young and Middle-Aged Visual Display Terminal Users.Bhargava R et al.Author informationAbstractOBJECTIVE:To evaluate the effect of an omega 3 fatty acid (O3FA) oral supplement (2,400 mg/day) for 45 days on dry eye symptoms, tear ...

Safe and Joyful Holi

Protect your eyes this holiPlay safe and joyous holiReason for eye infection during Holi:Since synthetic colours that are being used in Holi may contain heavy metals like lead which can cause pink eye, corneal abrasion, chemical burn, or blunt eye injury so try to avoid such ...

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