A Podiatrist provides services including Foot Reflexology.

A Podiatrist provides services including Foot Reflexology.

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Biomechanics Of Golf That Every Golfer Should Know

The biomechanics of the game of Golf demands intricate movements in the lower limb. Good foot action is the mark of an accomplished golfer. Make your feet an asset, not a liability, to your golf game. "Lively Feet are critical to a successful golf game” – GOLF LEGEND JACK ...

Tips To Prevent Corn and Calluses Formation

When there is constant pressure on your toes, it causes the skin cells in that area to die. Corns and callus are thick hardened layers of skin tissue that are formed on the feet as a way to protect itself against friction and pressure. Corns are often caused by wearing shoes that are ...

Are You Feeling Too Stiff? Check Your Water Intake!

Yes! Drinking Plenty of Water Can Prevent Frequent Muscle Tightness or CrampsMuscle tightness or cramps especially in leg muscles is an early sign of dehydration, although it’s relatively common cause. Stress, overdoing exercises, poor blood circulation, pregnancy, diabetes can also ...

Do Runners Need to Stretch?!


Facts About Achilles Tendinitis


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Back Pain

Hi, I have a back from past one month. I want to know without any tables can I reduce the pain? Please give me advice

Pain after accident

One month ago I had a two wheeler accident. Doctor said I only have superficial abrasions and did first aid and gave betadine ointment. The wound is almost healed new pink skin has appeared swelling has gone completely. But still I feel some pain near my big toe. Especially where the toe joins the rest of the foot. It kind of feels stiff and I can't bend it like other toe in my other foot. The pain only comes and goes once in two or three days for a few seconds. I have not done any x rays. Why am I getting this pain even after one month? In fact the abrasions was not even on the toe. It was in below the toe. But still why the toe and surrounding area is paining?

Unable to bend the knee

Hello doctor, I met an accident on my polio attacked leg on 4months before ,facture on my thigh bone(femur facture )already my bones are very week.surgery done they inserted the plate from my thigh to knee.after my surgery for 2months am n bed rest after 2months only trying to start walk.now I started walking but unable to bend my knee.also am going to physiotherapy but still there is no improvement and I didn't bend my knee.please suggest me treatment for fast recovery from the above problem.thanks.

Joint pains

I am RA patient. I have taken medication for RA. Last month RA factor negative. But pains as usual. Why?

Chest pain

I am RA patient. My age 38. Sometimes pain in the chest both sides last 20days.what is the reason this condition.