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Cheek bite, black coating

My right cheek is getting bitten by the teeth. Without bridge the teeth looks black and ugly. Is there no way to clean it?

Tooth decay

I have tooth decay on 4-5 teeeths with small black dots, is it curable without implants, what treatment should be taken?

Swalowed partial

About 6 days ago I fell asleep with my partial denture in my mouth when I work up one tooth was missing I assumed I swallowed it in my sleep I have failed to pass it yet and was told the other day by my girlfrind I was snoring quite loud and I'm havin a little pain I'm afraid that it may be in my ling

Teeth braces

I have 3 irregular teeth in upper jaw and two irregular teeth in lower jaw. How much time will it take to reshape it with braces.

Extracting only premolar for braces

Is it okay to extract only one premolar for braces. I have overbite. My dentist said i would only require one teeth extraction, will that cause an off-centered smile. Or any other problems in future. Please help. It's very urgent.

Health Feed
Why You Must Meet Your Dentist if You Are ( or Planning to Get ) Pregnant !

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience. The miracle of life is in process and despite all the beauty and philosophy that surrounds the event, it can be a rather stressful period ( physically and emotionally) for the mother. It has been found that bleeding gums, metallic taste, bad ...

Is Beating Bad Breath the Key to Happiness?

Bad breath has often been considered one of the top health faux pas and now new research has suggested that doing away with halitosis can dramatically increase your happiness.A new study, published in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene, looked at the impact of bad breath in ...

Save Your ‘Knocked Out’ Tooth

One unfortunate blow to a child’s face can knock out his/her tooth and make them toothless. Did you know that a knocked out tooth can be fixed back into the mouth It is important to be informed about how a tooth can be saved and be placed back into the socket at the earliest.The ...

Smile Is Infectious

When you look at someone’s beautiful dazzling smile, it spreads like an infection and paints a ray of sunshine all over your face. A smile is so universal that even a newborn knows it by heart & when the captivating smile is shared it melts the wall. But it is only possible when you have ...

Do You Know Dental Caries Are Contagious?

Sugar-laden candy bars aren’t the only cause of cavities. Tooth decay actually results when bacteria in your mouth feed on food debris (starchy, sticky foods are a primary culprit) and produce acid as a by product. This mix of food, acid, saliva, and germs clings to your teeth as a filmy ...

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