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Weakness in diabetes

My father has diabetes and he is taking IME 9 ,That is an ayurvedic medicine and we saw its advertisement on TV and placed the order Since he started taking IME 9 ,,he didn't feel need to take medicine given by doctor Problm is that he is getting weak so I feel doubt on that ime 9 Is it because of IME 9

Elevated LFT results

I am planning to take Liv 52 from Dabur since my LFT readings were on the higher side. I was planning to go with a dosage of 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening, but noticed an advice to keep a gap of 3 hours with allopathic medicines and have a 30mts interval after food. I am taking medicines for Ulcerative Colitis and BP in the morning and it will be tough to have 3 Hrs interval and 30 mts food gap for Liv 52. Hence I am planning to take two Liv 52 Tablets 30 minutes after dinner. Please advise if this is fine

I have infeced by Hepatities B with jaun

I have infected by Hepatities B with jaundice... some of the doctor says can not be curable, can control viruses for time being only... it is affected me unknowingly, still i am worrying , how it is infected by, as i am having good family with me 2 girl small childs... & also im middle class family.. can not spend more expenses also.. please advise me to get proper treatment and ensure i can be with my family...

Irregular periods

Hi. I am 22yrs old. I am suffering from irregular periods. Sometimes my periods are regular and sometimes not. When i am on periods then it continues for almst 15days. And also in those days my left leg starts swelling. I had done ultrasound and found that i have pcods. What should i do to cure this? I feel very irritated because of this.

Kidney stone problem

I had kidney stone problem bt now i remove my all kidney stone stone in my both kidney 2 stone in right kidney n 2 stone in left kidney size veries from 3-4 mm all stone size .Silicon dioxide is common or not common? Max all type of stone contain calcium. So please tell me is silicon dioxide is harmful for body n which food is best for me that in future such kind of stone is not formed into my body? . My stone composition 90% silicon dioxide n 10 % calcium carbonate.

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Dr. Phanindra V V - Ayurveda
Dr. Phanindra V V Ayurveda (MD - Ayurveda, BAMS, Fellowship in Cardiac Rehabilitation, YIC (Yoga Instructors Certificate)) 8 years experience Narayana Ayurveda Kuteeram
737 recommendations Banashankari, Bangalore INR 200
Dr. Krishna Kumar - Ayurveda
Dr. Krishna Kumar Ayurveda (BAMS, PG Dip (Medical Education), Fellow of Academy of General Education (FAGE), MBA (Healthcare)) 9 years experience Keva Ayurveda Healthcare Pvt Ltd
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Dr. Giridhara Kaje - Ayurveda
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Dr. Shubhankari P Rao - Ayurveda
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