Premarital Counseling

Marital relationships are often strained by the surrounding factors and situations; marriage counselling is a therapeutic procedure by which strained relationships are scrutinised and mended. Marriage counselling first started in 1920 in Germany at the time of Eugenics movement. The questions mostly concern the quality of life, behavioral changes, levels of self-awareness, emotional vulnerability, relationships and more.

Marital relationships are often strained by the surrounding factors and situations; marriage counselling is a therapeutic procedure by which strained relationships are scrutinised and mended. Marriage counselling first started in 1920 in Germany at t ... More

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I'm not happy. I feel suicidal all the time. I can't handle the pain any longer. I wish that if I was gone everyone else would be happier. I'm the one who's causing trouble to everyone. I'm not good at anything or useful at anything. I just can't keeping going like this.

Breakup depression

Hi i am going through some mental trouble , and because of which i am getting depressed and frustated. I was in relationship with one girl, and i love her very much. One day when she was in her home town her parents came to know about our relationship and scolded her (she told me so). Now she said that "we can't be in relationship, but i still love you, and we can be friends" that time i thought its ok, but now i feel weird, now it seems that she dont love me anymore, she get totally changed like rude emotion less, it hurts me a lot, I cried, I requested her, I did everything I could do, while this I lose my self respect. She says she loves me and behave like stranger,keep dist. Now I don't feel that closeness n love she used to do.  It seem she want to leave me, but I really love her and don't wanna lose her. I am confused what to do how to tackle this situation (one sided/friend zone). I lose me self-respect, my ego got hurt. I am dyeing inside don't want to be like this.Please help.

Wife is irritated and angry all the time

Hi, There is some issue with my wife recently, She is always irritaed and keep scolding and blaming me for everything wrong with here life. When i try talking to her, she feels I am taking side here. Not sure how to fix this issue, I love my wife and can't see her depressed like this.

I have anxiety & depression

I don't know why I get so irritated nowadays start crying feeling sad heart ache I really don't know what to do I can't sleep at night only thinking about relationships & all things around me i want a peaceful life I don't want to cry i want to be happy...

Dizziness and giddiness With vomiting

My paitens feel dizziness when she closed her eyes on beds. That's reason she can't sleep .how to solution for this problem

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Together Yet Disengaged- Are You Living or Dealing With It?

Husband: “I don’t know if I love her anymore. It just feels like I am there because I have to be with somebody. We seem to be living parallel lives. We don’t care about each other at all.”Wife: “We just became busy in our own lives. All that matters is our kid’s future. I ...

3 Ponder Points for Parents to Enhance Child Self-Confidence

AGAM Parenting Space - Parenting Parents Inside OutThe quality of relationships that exist between the child and significant people in his/her life determines Child's Self-Esteem.We humans find it easier to -recognize negatives easily rather than the ...

How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Impact Your Mental Health!

A stressful life and an unhealthy lifestyle impacts not only our physical health, but also our mental health. There are some instances now that have proved that most cases of mental illness such as depression, anxiety, and stress, happen due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Though in an extreme ...

Understanding and Dealing With Your Child’s Anger

Anger, seems like such a normal emotion for all of us to feel. It is an emotion by which we express our displeasure either towards a particular thing, person or situation. Anger can prove to be a healthy emotion when felt in moderation, but when our anger drives us in to losing control of our ...

8 Effective Ways to Manage Stress

Everyone experiences stress , only the duration & the intensity  varies. Stress is experienced especially when the situation  is too demanding- physically or mentally or whenever our  resources to cope up with the stress are inadequate.Stress can be divided into ...

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