Concentration Problems Treatment

In children, daydreaming, hyperactivity and lack of focus in studies and other activities may indicate concentration problem. Concentration problem, also known as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is generally ignored in the childhood stages, which can lead to the severity of the issue in adulthood. Excessive struggle to complete simple and routine tasks and forgetfulness accompanied by hyper-focussing on certain tasks are common in this condition.

In children, daydreaming, hyperactivity and lack of focus in studies and other activities may indicate concentration problem. Concentration problem, also known as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is generally ignored in the childhood stages, which ca ... More

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Fear in dog and germs

Fear in dog and germs And I wash my hand in every time devour eat l wash half hour so i wll not eat a food

Suicidal thoughts

The past 3 months have been emotionally challenging for me. i dunno whats the purpose of my life or why was i even born. i failed to clear UPSC prelims . I quit my job for prep. I've led a very simple life no booze or drugs & not even a GF. Also my regretful past haunts me too. I can't talk to my parents or anyone about it . I'm a rational person & perhaps its my loneliness consuming me. i get suicidal thoughts atleast once in a week. Is this normal or am i just creating an illusion to accept failure & move ahead with a better plan. Pls help. Its out of my control as i was never like this before. Sometimes i dont get these thoughts but when they do just ruins my entire day & to a certain extent my preparation too. Apart from exam results , some aspects of my teenage life of which i am ashamed to reveal to anyone is adding fuel to my state of disappointment in life. I talk to all about positivity and here i am running away from it.

Suffering from anxiety.

My father he has recently undergone a major eye operation. And he is not been recovering too well. He also left his job and has been looking for a new one, without much luck. All this is taking a toll on his mental health and he is suffering from anxiety and panic attacks very frequently. He is constantly worried about his future and other things. All this is causing him to go into depression. Kindly suggest what should we do?

Insomnia ->other problems

I get mentally distracted, when I don't sleep i can't focus at all. My sleeping patterns has been fully changed n is a little directly effects my day to day life. I have to make a lot of efforts for simple tasks can't talk for long n my social life gets effected... Simply its a slow destruction of my being. Any help there???

Lost the peaceful mind

I'm a art student n lover It has been 1 year or soo that when I start talking to a person I start analyzing his/her mentality. Slowly I will like to think like that person. At that time I loose my peace of mind. It feels like "why I'm thinking like that person?! Why I'm not thinking like myself" n mostly it happenes with the people I don't like E. G : Once I sat on a edge of 5th floor n when some people came to know that they just scolded me n explained me not to do so coz it's dangerous, n don't u think bout ur family now as they explained me it wasm clear that those were mature but small thinker they were right but at theirm own place . N what happened is I think like myself n suddenly I think like them n thought comes to mind that they r also right n I start thinking like others I really don't know what's happening I have a creative mind I always enjoy my imagination but nowadays due to this reason I don't.

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Tips to Sleep Well

Sleep problems are fairly common. In fact, one in four people experience sleep difficulties, which include trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, early morning waking, sleeping too much, or restless or unsatisfying sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep can ...

Common Problems That Lead to Marital Fatigue

Poor conflict managementAllowing conflict to escalateLooking only at the negative (or the perceived negative)Invalidation of one another's feelingsWithdrawing and avoidingUnwillingness to compromiseNot making time to nurture the ...

Managing Mental Health in Times of Demonetization

Demonetization move has taken everyone by surprise leading to sleepless nights, fretful days, panic and anxiety. Needless to say, its the mental well being which is being ignored the most  despite being the most crucial element required to be able to deal effectively with the problems at ...

20 Sex Myths You Need to Stop Believing!

The man should always be the sexual leader....MYTHA woman should not initiate sex....MYTHMen should not express their emotions....MYTHA woman should always have sex when her partner makes sexual approaches....MYTHAll physical contact must lead to ...

5 Mistakes Which Kill Your Sleep

1. Watching television before bed - relaxes your body & mind you say? Wrong - television, video games, mobile use all stimulate our mind and kill our sleep. read a book instead. It doesn't bother you, you say? well, are you really going to wait for the storm to strike?2. Stuffing ...

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