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Mouth opening problem. Tooth match prob

Upper and lower teeths are not matching when mouth closed. Mouth not open fully. Pain at right side of ear. Previous history was jaw locking.

Filling - Chipped off tooth

My sister had her a part of her front tooth (small) chipped off while playing badminton. Whom should I consult: dentist or cosmetic dentist for this issue?

Painless ucler on gum

I have 3 painless ucler on my gum for quite sometime. It did not cause any problem at all but it starts to make me wonder if it is anything serious. Any idea what are those?

How to avoid chilli food

If some one served you chilli food But you are more sensitive for chilli What we can mix in food to reduced Chilli ness of food So that we can easily eat chilli food

Root canal

Hi doctor need your guidance on my problem recently i gave birth to my child and its an c section , its been complete 41days since today. few days back felt severe pain on my ears neck shoulder that's on my right side i couldn't able to lift my hand or carry a baby later decided to meet an general physician near my house , he later diagnosed that this pain is coz of my tooth ,its an decayed condition , he prescribed me medicine for my pain relief and gave me mouth wash and paste to control , i had already done root canal for one of my tooth in 2009 , i need to know can i go for root canal will this be an right time?

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Importance of Good Oral health.....

More than 40 per cent of  children aged 5–10 years of age experience tooth decay in their primary teeth. This can result in pain, food avoidance, disruption of sleep and behavioral problems. Poor oral health in childhood can lead to oral health problems in adulthood. Increasingly ...

4 Important Tips to Cure Osteoarthiritis

mobilisationDegenerative changes in joints & reduction in joint spaces is called Osteoarthritis.CAUSES:-age factor (common in old age).can be geneticdue to increased weight (obese people)abnormal joints at birthgoutdiabetesother ...

Are You Suffering of Pale Gums and Why?

Causes and symptomsAnemiaAnemia occurs when the body is not getting enough oxygen-rich blood. A lack of blood cause pale gums.In addition to pale gums, a person with anemia may notice the following symptoms:-Inexplicable exhaustion or weakness-Shortness of ...

Root Canal Treatment - Single Sitting

Root canal treatment It is a procedure where a badly decayed or fractured or dead tooth is saved by removing its soft part (pulp) from the crown & the root of the tooth. Pulp is located in the core of the crown & root of the tooth. It is like ...

Do You Brush Your Teeth Before Breakfast or After?

We have a daily morning routine that we adhere to out of habit, for many people it is brush, shower and breakfast and for some other’s it is shower, breakfast and brush.  So, let us press upon a very important question that has been puzzling people since ages, do we brush our teeth ...

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