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Eye Vision problem

Dear Dr, My grany has a blur vision in her left eye, also at times its a little painful. I had taken her to the nearest eye hospital and they have asked to undergo a surgery to remove the upper formed layer on her retina. please suggest a good hospital to get it fixed.

Eye problem.

Hello Sir, My opthalmologist has given me refresh liquigel eye drop. 1) does refresh liquigel contain presrvative? 2) earlier I was using maxmoist eye drop so which drop is high concerntarted refresh liquigel or maxmoist? 3) which one I should use amon refresh liquigel or maxmoist? 4) will it have any adverse effect on my eyes? Please help with guidance . Thank you.

Blurry vision

Wherever I study or focus on near objects for a far vision gets blurry I'm not able to see anything far away...

Retinal defect perhaps retinopathy.

My brother is suffering from some retinal defect perhaps retinopathy since childhood. Now he is 36. His eyesight is weakening day by day. He can't read anything. In childhood he could read. Now he can't even recognize a person from sone distance. It is worrying us big time. Please help!

Glaucoma motio

I M a teacher and my age is 32 years. I have glaucoma in my both eyes. Please guide my which lenses is better for me.

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Eye Safety Tips

Few safety tips which can help keep your children and their eyes safe. Bathroom and Kitchen• Teach children not to play with forks, knives, combs or toothbrushes.• Keep detergents, cleaning supplies, nail polish remover, mouthwash and makeup in lock and key or out of ...

Now You Can Visit Doctor at Your Convinent Time

The outpatient departments of state-run hospitals in the city are likely to remain open in the evening, too.“We are finalising a plan to start evening OPDs at state-run medical colleges and other hospitals in the city. The move aims to reduce the load on the day OPDs and ensure better ...

Do You Work on Computer for Long Hours? You Could Be Suffering From Computer Vision Syndrome!

Oral omega-3 fatty acids treatment in computer vision syndrome related dry eye.Bhargava R et al.AbstractPURPOSE:To assess the efficacy of dietary consumption of omega-3 fatty acids (O3FAs) on dry eye symptoms, Schirmer test, tear film break up time (TBUT) and conjunctival impression ...

Do’s and Dont’s for Contact Lens Patients

Contact lensesDO: Stick strictly to the wearing schedule prescribed by your eye care practitioner and dispose of your contact lenses as directed.DO: Clean, rinse and disinfect your lenses after each removal with a fresh disinfecting solution, using the lens care system recommended by ...


Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness in the world. Visual loss is preventable with early diagnosis and treatment. Glaucoma is called “Silent Thief Of Sight” because it is symptomless and irreversible. The person with glaucoma is usually unaware of it until much ...

Dr. Sirish Nelivigi - Ophthalmologist
Dr. Sirish Nelivigi Ophthalmologist (MBBS, DNB - Ophthalmology, Fellowship in Anterior Segment (FIAS), Fellowship in Glaucoma) 23 years experience Nelivigi Eye Hospital And Surgical Centre.
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Dr. Rahul Jain - Ophthalmologist
Dr. Rahul Jain Ophthalmologist (MBBS, DOMS, Fellowship in Glaucoma) 9 years experience Dr. Jain's Eye Clinic
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Dr. Sanghamitra Burman - Ophthalmologist
Dr. Sanghamitra Burman Ophthalmologist (MBBS, MD - Ophthalmology, FICO, DNB - Ophthalmology, FRCS - Ophthalmology) 21 years experience SightYears Eye Clinic
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Dr. T A Srikanth - Ophthalmologist
Dr. T A Srikanth Ophthalmologist (MBBS, MD - Ophthalmology, MNAMS - Ophthalmology) 34 years experience Tirumalai Eye Clinic - A Super Speciality Centre
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Dr. Nasar Mohammed - Ophthalmologist
Dr. Nasar Mohammed Ophthalmologist (MBBS, MAMS, MS - Ophthalmology) 37 years experience Roshan Eye Center
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