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Help please

Hello Iam 18 year young boy unable to concentrate on my work due to a problem of my Mind. My mind never stay on rest it always busy in different thoughts.Even in night iam unable to sleep since 3 years.pls help me by suggesting some ways.It makes me totally useless

Smoking addiction

I'm a chain smoker since from Last 5 years, I started with 1 cigarette and now I'm smoking 5-6 cigarettes per day, how to get rid of this addition??

Long time insomnia

Hi doctor, my cousin passed away two month before, I decided to take some sedative pills ..and I hv one doubt if I take sedative pills with alcohol any problem will occurs for me ??

Anxiety issue

I recently visited a psychiatrist (in August) and started eating some medicines based on my evaluation. But I could not visit my psychiatrist again because I had to shift to a different city. Now, I am really confused about my dosage of the medicines. I was prescribed to take Tab Pari CR(25mg) and Tab Nexito. When I moved to the different city I could not get nexito but continued with Pari CR(25mg) dose. Then I reduced the dose to 12.5mg and took that for a month. Now, I have reduced the dose to 6.25mg. But lately I have been facing some problems confusion, dizziness and some other problems related to my head which I cannot explain (side effects perhaps). This means that I was not supposed to reduce the dose in that manner or I was supposed to do it with certain other medications. So, I would really like someone to help me out with a correct dose by which I can eventually stop taking the medicines in a proper way.


Hi doctor, I am writing this query for my grandma. She is telling something everyday which is actually not happened.while watching TV, she will relate everything to her life (if one guy is arrested in news and if name of guy is her brother , she will relate to her life). Also she thinks that somebody is living on terrace of house and claiming that they are trying to steal her house and properties around house. One day she prepared food for those imaginary peoples (people on terrace) and she told that they are starving. But whenever she meet a person from outside , she will smile and talk normally . She will tell everything Infront of close ones. She is having a good memory of the things happened. Also she thinks that something will happen to her house if she sees some news regarding some house demolishing news. We consulted one physiatrist nearby , but no effect . What it could be? Even we are not getting a clear picture of what is going on.

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