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Having pain in my right side jaw..

From last one month I am having mild pain in my right side jaw specially when i opens my mouth for eating something. when I use to open my mouth up & down i feel the pain, sometimes not feeling the pain. Please suggest the reason for the pain & medicines.

Mouth ulcer regularly

Sir/Madam, I am getting regularly mouth ulcer within 1.5 to 2 months from last 5-6 years. It took minimum 10 days to go away by itselg. I even consult doctors before but that treatment was just temporary just for one time cure . But it dont stop coming regularly. So please help whom should i consult or what to do.

Severe Toothache

Hi, I have got extreme tooth ache, I have visited my dentist and I am on antibiotics and painkiller. Still I have got agonizing pain under the tooth which has previously undergone root canal treatment and is capped with ceramic cap. I feel like breaking open the cap. Have taken painkiller still after 3 hours of taking the medicine the pain comes back. Not able to sleep and feel very restless.

About my teath vleaning

I have some problem of my teath sir so i wann clean it by doctor So i wanna suggistion Is there any side effect of me and my teath

Imperfect teeth alignment

Hello Doctor I am from Mumbai I have im perfect teeth alignment. Many years ago I had my front one tooth chapped of because of an accident and now it is capped. But my teeth alignment is extremely uneven which also affects my overall smile and confident I want to have straight even teeth which will not affect my looks but will at the same time give me a beautiful smile while smiling with open mouth I am a model and because of which it affects me to an extreme please suggest me something which can fix this problem I do not wanna use braces please also suggest me on how can I fix my teeth without using braces and also the cost of getting this problem fixed and also mention if you went through my pictures which I have attached... Thank you.

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Your Baby's First Dental Visit

Your baby is hitting new milestones every day, and his or her first dental visit is another one to include in the baby book!Your child’s first dental visit should take place after that first tooth appears, but no later than the first birthday. Why so early?As soon as your baby has ...

Women Dental Health - Special Consideration

As a woman, you know that your health needs are unique. You may be more susceptible to oral health problems because of the unique hormonal changes they experience. Hormones affect not only the blood supply to the gum tissue but also the body's response to the toxins ...

Dental Implant Procedure

Dental Implants are the natural way of replacing missing teeth.These Dental Implants are made of titanium which is fully bio-compatible material. It means the Implant will merge with the body tissue, without causing any reactions.These Dental Implants are screw like structure which ...

The Earlier ,The Better

“NO CHILD IS TOO YOUNG FOR DENTAL HEALTH”-DR ROSS WEZMARHealthy teeth are important to your child's overall health.It is recommended that dental visit should occur within 6 months after presence of 1st teeth in mouth. Total care begins with regular hygiene visits,regular check –ups ...

Implant Is Absolutely Safe in the Patient Even With Diabetes

High blood sugar causes damage to blood vessels by narrowing and stiffening of the capillaries which can, in turn, reduce blood circulation to the eyes, fingers, toes, kidneys… even GUMS.Since the implant is a surgical process, the wound healing is impaired because of the deficient ...

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