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Jaw clamping down while I’m talking

My jaw just involuntary clamps down . I can’t stop it . I can be talking and my jaw clamps down sometimes bitting my tongue . What can cause this ?

Dermatologist or ENT specialist ?

Have an ulcer that won't go away, looks like a raised growth. It's on the tongue and has been there for more than 2 yrs now. Didn't change in size, a GP suggested I get it cut off but should I see a dermatologist or a ENT specialist ?

Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth of lower jaw have grown laterally towards adjacent tooth what is charged for removal Thank you

Periodontist(GUM Disease) laser treatmen

My local doctor suggested me to undergo Periodontist(GUM Disease) surgical treatment. Then is searched and found that instead of surgical treatment we can go for laser gum treatment. Actually am planning to go for laser gum treatment. So want to know is it good if we do the laser gum treatment? How's the result of that? Please advice me for laser treatment related pros and cons.

Tooth problem

I have dard tooth what should i do it tooth implant good tell me plz..can i eat hard thing after this from that tooth

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Little Pearls ™ Dental Care

HOW DO DENTAL IMPLANTS WORK?  PARTS Every Tooth In One’s Mouth Is More Valuble Than A Diamond! ...

They Are Not Just Baby Teeth!

Aren't you inquisitive to know what is so important about baby teeth?Human beings are a diphyodont species, meaning we have two successive sets of teeth: 1.  Primary more often referred as "deciduous" or "milk" or "baby" teeth2.  Permanent ...

Lift the Lip- an Easy Way to Prevent Cavities in Children

         A child’s healthy smile is one of the beautiful sights in this world. A healthy smile of your child is an indicator of sound physical and mental health.                         Early ...

Ignorance Is Not Always Bliss

The tooth made up of two hard tissues covering the nerve(soft) tissue /pulp.Hard tissues are (i)Enamel (ii)Dentine●Enamel is translucent,shiny structure made up of hydroxyapatite crystals and is supposed to be most hard tissue present in the entire human ...

Do You Brush Your Teeth Before Breakfast or After?

We have a daily morning routine that we adhere to out of habit, for many people it is brush, shower and breakfast and for some other’s it is shower, breakfast and brush.  So, let us press upon a very important question that has been puzzling people since ages, do we brush our teeth ...

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