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Ankle sprain

Ankle sprain (left & right sides of the right leg ankle)due to some minor accident on road .Pain is at the same position where there is a fracture .There is a small fracture at my right ankle and at the same place its paining now.It has been 2 weeks after the injury,but unable to walk properly.Not able to keep my foot completely on floor while walking.

Vitamin d level is 34.5

My vitamin d level is 34.5 and I am getting pain in neck and back..Does this level of vitamin d is sufficient ? Or it should be increased ?, If yes how to get it increased ?

Best orthopedic miraj

I want the  list of best orthopaedic doctor in Miraj and Sangli since I have a back pain and I couldn't bend

Gout and myalgia

Gout and than myalgia in knee. First gout in knee 2 week. Become recover and uric acid already decline until 6.6. But my knee still pain like myalgia in the same knee. I have been consuming atrovastatin for 3 week and alluporinol for 1 year. What your sugestion to cure my knee is?

Severe shoulder and neck pain

Hello Sir/Madam I am 24 female. I am having Vitamin D deficiency. From past few weeks I am getting severe pain in my neck and shoulder of right hand. I feel like my neck muscles are becoming stiff. The pain increases as I sit and work with system. Also there is severe pricking/tingling sensation in the hand from wrist to shoulder. Which doctor should I consult Ortho/Neuro. Please suggest. Thanks in advance !!

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Brain Tumor - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

There is no trustworthy evidence regarding what causes brain tumours, but there are a few risk factors that have been substantiated through research. Children and young people who receive radiation around the head are susceptible to developing tumours in the brain once they ...

Slip Disc

One of the major cause of back pain is slip disc. It can cause leg pain also, associated with numbness & weakness. It is commonly found either in the neck (Cervical spine) or in the lumbar area (lower back). If the patient does not improve with medicines & physiotherapy, a latest ...

Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis (Cervical) our cervical neck spine has 7 bones. There is a disc in front and two joints behind at each level. The main spinal chord coming from the brain is also going through it and makes it vulnerable to injury. There are degenerative changes with age .The disc may slip ...

Osteoporosis - an Epidemic in India

Osteoporosis is weakness of bones causing pain and fractures. It is very common in India especially in old females after menopause, due to deficiency of female hormone, oestrogen. We must consult an orthopaedic or spine surgeon in case of unrelenting pain. Osteoporotic spine fractures, can ...

Zenab Little Girl Story

Otherwise I hate children playing games on their mobile phone,instead of going out and play outdoor game. But yesterday after operating avery challenging spinal Tumor from cervical spine of this girl, Zenab, 13 yrold, from Iraq, which caused paralysis of her all 4 limbs. Her mother ...

Dr. Satish Rudrappa - Neurosurgeon
Dr. Satish Rudrappa Neurosurgeon (MBBS, MCh - Neuro Surgery, Fellow in Spine Surgery, Fellow Microvascular Anaesthomosis) 21 years experience Brain & Spine Clinic
697 recommendations St.Marks road, Bangalore INR 800
Dr. Subodh M Shetty - Spine Surgeon
Dr. Subodh M Shetty Spine Surgeon (MBBS, Diploma in Orthopaedics, MS - Orthopaedics) 22 years experience Subodh M Shetty's Spine & Ortho Clinic
397 recommendations Koramangala 6 Block, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Balasubramanyam PR - Orthopedist
Dr. Balasubramanyam PR Orthopedist (MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics) 15 years experience Susheel Orthopaedic Centre
1472 recommendations Rajarajeshwarinagar, Bangalore INR 350
Dr. Sreedhar Singh - Orthopedist
Dr. Sreedhar Singh Orthopedist (MCh[ortho] UK, FRCS - Trauma & Orthopedic Surgery, FRCS - General Surgery, MBBS) 22 years experience Bone & Joint Clinic
1310 recommendations Sahakaranagar, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. C.B. Prabhu - Orthopedist
Dr. C.B. Prabhu Orthopedist (MBBS, DNB - Orthopedics, AOAA) 29 years experience Prabhu Orthopaedic Centre
1199 recommendations Rajajinagar, Bangalore INR 600