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New born down with loose motions

Hi doctor I delivered baby boy wd Ajay Mehta on 14th may 17 at women's care n u hv come for my baby for the delivery..from last two days my baby isn't passing his stools normal.itz like little watery n Little like thick like curd.... Is this normal n even isn't feeding properly...wat and I do..pls help

Frequently vomiting

My 1yr and 6 month old baby never eats by herself. I have force her to eat. And then as the consequences she vomited whatever she have eaten. She doesn't gain the proper weight. She is only 9. 5kg...

Baby poops greenish stool

My baby is 3 months old . I have been feeding my baby formula milk lactogen and as well as breast milk from the beginning of 2 months. Baby used to feel comfortable with both these feedings. But now I'm seeing that my baby has started to poop greenish from a week. So I thought of changing lactogen to Nan pro. Can you please let me know is it safe to change the formula and reasons for greenish stools.

Child Vomiting

My kid just ate rice with sunny side up egg around 10am this morning . And since then he vomit 2-3 times now. I'm afraid that it is a possible food poisoning. We're planning to visit a pediatrician tomorrow if this will still persist . But can you help me ease the pain my kid's suffering ? I know how hard it is throw up those food that you've just eaten. Please help.

Pneumoccocal Vaccine dosage

My child has just completed 5 months. Can she start pneumoccocal vaccine now. If so what should be the frequency / interval of dosage. Which is best Prevenar 13 or anything else? Please suggest.

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Typhoid Fever: How to Prevent?

Typhoid Fever is so commonly heard off in our country. (I think most common as well as most over diagnosed disease in India).Cause: It is caused by bacteria called Salmonella Typhi (S.Typhi) typically living in humans and are shed through a person’s feces (poop) or urine (pee). Bacteria ...

How to Manage Child With Nose Bleed (Epistaxis) ?

One of the most frightening sites for a parent is to see their child bleed from nose. But you can rest assure that in most cases it is not serious. Most of them can be treated at home. It occurs due to bleeding from small vessels of nose. It happens as a result of break in the tissue ...

Does Your Child Has Rashes Over Face, Hand and Legs? It Could Be Hfmd

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (HFMD): Hand, foot, and mouth disease is a common viral illness that usually affects infants and children younger than 5 years old.Symptoms of hand, foot, and mouth disease include fever, blister-like sores in the mouth (herpangina), and a skin ...

Could My Child Have Diabetes?

Diabetes Mellitus (DM); name itself is  fearful and more so if in context to children. It is a metabolic disorder with high blood sugar level. Major Symptoms are increased urination, increased thirst and hunger. Insulin is the only way by which body can use sugar. If insulin decreases sugar ...

When Is the Right Time to Start Complementary Feed in Young Babies?

Complementary feeding: (weaning food)It is defined as any non breast milk food or nutritious foods given to young children in addition to breast milk.( i.e. it is to complement breast milk, not to replace it.)Age of Introduction: after 6 monthsAttributes of Complementary ...

Dr. Sreenath S Manikanti - Pediatrician
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