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What to do my son is nt eating or drnkng

Hi. Im a working women. My son is 7 months old. From past 1 weeek my kid is not eating anything when im not at hme. Earlier he used to drink milk eat cerelac. But from past 1 week he is not hvng cerelac nor having milk. If we give very little milk he is having say only 2 spoons. The whole day he doesnt eat or drnk milk. When im back at 4 in eveng thn i feed him. I leave to offce at 4am n return at 4pm. Can u pls suggest wat do i do so that my son eats n drink when im at offce. Im really worried.

Chesty cough in 2.5 year old

My 2.5 year old daughter has a chesty cough with phlegm coming out. Also has a slight runny nose. No fever. What can I give her for relief?

Dosage of syrup in a day

My son of 8 months is having full fever of 101.5.visired doctor he gave us hatric-3 syrup.he told 3 times a day.but he is having full fever so can i give him 4 times a day.

About taking food

5month started old baby whether i can give ceralac or any other food rather then breastfeed

Report Suggestion

Pls. explain report Urea serum 46, SGOt 45,SGPT 22 Cretinine serum. 0.35 , my daughter 5yr not eating properly from last 10 days after fever and stomach infection only demand milk.

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Welcome Summers in a Healthy Way!

Winters are all set to say goodbye soon. While winters in Delhi is something everyone waits for, the quality of air during these days have put a slight aversion to it. But either good or bad, it’s coming towards an end and with it, there are a lot of infections waiting to get inside your ...

Underweight Child?

Raising a child is a challenging task; this view is common among all parents. There are so many worries related to them, their health certainly is on the top of the list. While illness and other health problems are regular with kids, given changing the weather and other factors, some problems ...

First Steps in New Born Care

Pregnancy and motherhood is the most memorable yet stressful journey for every woman. Not just physically, you feel drained emotionally because of this new role. But, because of your maternal instincts, most of you blend well into this responsible situation beautifully and ...

Why Need of Nebulizers in Child

Nebulizers are an easy way deliver drugs with mist which reaches directly to central airways. It is used in emergency cases and can be used regularly if required. It can also be used in children in following conditions:AsthmaNebulizers are used to deliver drug in acute asthma ...

Milk and Kids: What Every Mom Should Know

NOV5Milk and Kids: Overdoing itIn the best advised families, for kids 6 months and older,moms understand that they come down on breastfeed, start feeding solids, and as a corollary somehow it means starting animal milk.All pediatricians across most of the world have to deal with growth ...

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