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Breathing problem and dizziness

Hi, I have been facing shortness of breath from past two weeks. It started and then I encountered cold and fever. Even after the cold is gone, I sometimes feel breathlessness. Also, I feel dizzy, light headed sometimes from last 15 years. My BP is normal and iron levels were a little low. I also have gastric problem. I am not certain what could be the issue. Can someone please help?

Cough and chocking

I have dry cough from last 20 days and suddenly I get chocked making me kind of suffocate then after a lot of efforts it gets normal even when I’m talking my throat gets chocked and it’s very difficult to breathe I’ve consulted doc he has taken X-ray and blood test which is normal please help it’s very disturbing and dangerous

Differnece between Asthma and COPD

How can you differentiate between asthma and COPD. What are the complications associated with a COPD patient undergoing surgery?

Complications_asthma patient_surgery

Hi, My mother,65 years old, is a chronic asthma patient. She has a lump near her ear which upon checking found to be a benign pleomorphic adenoma. The doctor suggested it's better to remove it surgically as it has been there for more than 15 years. (Superficial Paratodictomy) The problem is the surgery should be performed under general anaesthesia. We know that for asthmatic patiets GA is really an issue. Now we are to scared to either undergo a surgery or just keep it like that. Kindly suggest how we should proceed and what precautions we shoukd take. If possible suggest us a good general surgeon in Visakhapatnam. Thanks

She is ashthmatic patient since 30yrs.

Now she has brearthleshness.a no of nebulosatioxe s done. Now adaya she had problem of uneasyness...although heart test has been done .no problem...bp is 140/70...after nebulisatiob she became aldight for few hrs.again after that same uneasiness.started...i took my mother to chest specialist but they are telling to go the physician...kindly guide me

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Tuberculosis and Pregnancy: One Killer, Two Targets

As we all know that tuberculosis is a serious infection which can be life-threatening if not taken care of in time. It is the second largest killer after HIV/AIDS worldwide according to WHO. Pregnancy at the same time is a stage in a woman's life during which she is under a lot of physical and ...

5 Tips to Recover From Cold and Flu

Here are 5 important tips to recover from Cold and Flu:1. Stay home, rest and take plenty of fluidsTake plenty of rest at home which will give your body time to heal. Water, juices and comforting warm beverages will help prevent dehydration and turn thick viscid phlegm to watery ...

5 Common Asthma Allergens and Tips to Avoid Them

World Asthma Day: 2nd May 2017World asthma day is celebrated every year on first Tuesday of may.Asthma triggers are those substances or situation that increase inflammation and precipitates asthma attack. The most common triggers that have been recognised are House dust mites, ...

3 Ways to Improve Your Lung Power

Lung capacity (or total lung capacity) refers to the total volume of air contained in the lungs after one complete inhalation and is a direct summation of your respiratory capacity and residual capacity (the amount you inhale and the amount your lungs can keep). A diminished lung capacity can ...

New Year 2017- 15 Ways To Make This Your Best Year!

Here are some ideas on how you can make 2017 your Best Year-Prioritise Health: Exercise is a game changer. Do it regularly for 66 days to make it a habit.Start Meditation: Practice meditation to lose anxiety, stress, depression,and negativity.Ban Electronic Gadgets:  ...

Dr. Hirennappa B. Udnur - Pulmonologist
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