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Dose of orofer syrup

My 4 yrs. son Hb is 9.2. Doctor had advised orofer syrup but I have missed the prescription. I was asked to give this syrup once in a day for three months. His weight is 16.5 kgs. Need advice how much ml of syrup should I give. On the syrup, composition mentioned is 30mg in 5ml.

Problem with weight gain and breathing.

Child is not gain weight,as he now 7.5 kg in 18 months .am giving all food routine 4times daily and getting cough and cold, vizing frequently 15 days once..Then he pooping 4 times a day ,after eating anything alternatively will discharge the waste.

Too much gas for my baby

Hi doc, My daughter is 3 weeks old . Lately she has been having gas problem , that is, she is very fussy and cries before she passes poop and also when she does so many times it's more gassy. She cries a lot at nite due to this whereas during day time she is not that much fussy. Is this normal for a 3 week old baby? Am breastfeeding my baby and I don't add anything gassy in my diet . Why is she having this problem? Is there any remedy for this? Please help on this.

My child is not eating food

Hi My son is 1year 9months and he is not eating food. He just want to drink only. Please suggest can i give him pediasure now? M worried about his weight n health.

A branchial cyst

My 18 months son is diagnosed a branchial cyst possibly type 2.He has a mark or small lymph on the edge of neck collarbone area.please suggest what could be done.

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Screen Times and Kids

 "Screen time" is a term used for activities done in front of a screen, such as watching TV, working on a computer, or playing video games. Screen time is sedentary activity, meaning you are being physically inactive while sitting down. Very little energy isused during screen ...

What Is the Size of Newborn Stomach?

” Stomach sizes of Newborn baby in 1st few days of life” Emphasis should be on; “How well the baby is sucking” on breast rather than on how much is the milk output. On first day of life baby’s milk requirement is very less, so milk output is also less (and if ...

Preterm Babies: What to Expect?

Q: What does “preterm” mean? A baby is born “preterm” if he or she is born before 37 weeks of pregnancy have been completed. Normally,  a pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks.Q: Why do preterm babies need special care?Preterm babies are not fully prepared to live ...

When Is the Right Time to Start Complementary Feed in Young Babies?

Complementary feeding: (weaning food)It is defined as any non breast milk food or nutritious foods given to young children in addition to breast milk.( i.e. it is to complement breast milk, not to replace it.)Age of Introduction: after 6 monthsAttributes of Complementary ...

Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Kids

Water illnesses can happen when someone has contact with, swallows, or breathes in water that is contaminated with germs. This can happen in a swimming pool, hot tub, water fountain, water park, lake, or ocean.Most such infections are diarrhea-related and often are caused by the parasite ...

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