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Heaviness and tiredness in head

Good morning dr., Last year I had faced a vertigo problem in Aug 2016. Since then I am facing lot of problem i.e heaviness and tiredness in my head especially when standing and walking. I also feel tiredness in my legs. I feel relaxed when I lie on bed or just sitting. I am taking heart medicine since 1992 and taking erythromycin 250mg, aten 50 mg. My heart doctor says everything is ok. But Now only problem facing is heaviness in head. Pls. give suggestion to me. Awaiting your replies & advise. Thanks

Blood vessels in my head?

I am a 16 year old female and I have never been in a bad accident or anything before, but about once/twice a month, usually when I am playing basketball, a blood vessel I believe (but I'm not really sure) pops inside the lower left of the back of my head, and it makes my vision blurry and causes numbness in my tongue and mouth, and then it goes away after a while. I told my parents and they said they have never heard of anything like this before and so, I am not really sure what's going on.

Severe back pain and PCA infarction

My father has severe back pain since 6-7 years. he also had a PCA infarction ( posterior cerebral artery ) in april 2016. in that infarction he lost his both eye vision (about 40% vision recovered) . now the back pain is becoming more severe these days ... before 4 months he had a MRI from MAX HEALTH CARE.( I am attaching the MRI report)

Burning pain and prikey sensation

My mother is suffering from burning, pain,prikey foot and now with numbness her foot is too sensitive and this is now started in hands also please give us a proper segussion to which doctor should we consult we are finished consulting with orthopedict,nurologist,ayurveda,pain killers nurologist will suggest us to have frequent steriods werein we have also tried with that but no results infact this resulted in weight gain later

Tuberculosis in brain

In mri test my brother have tuberculosis in brain. He is listening everythng , understanding , but speaking very low. He was addicted to alcohol also. So can you tell me that how much chance is their for him to recover back ?

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