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Shortness of breath& pain

Pain in chest and feeling for the same in lungs shortness of breath pain in lower back and abdomen sensation of vommiting as soon as i eat anything and sometimes blood in vommits or cough.

Shortness of breath

Yesterday I smoked ciggarette and after sometime when I layed down I started having difficulty in breathing..I had asthma in my childhood but then it eliminated. Today also man having difficulty in breathing Which asthma inhaler I can take for shortness of breath. Urgent!!!

Right chest pain

I have mild pain in my right chest for a month. I dont have cough. But i used to exhale some white mucus from my right sight lung and spit it. This became a habit for me from last month. I exhale more than 200 times a day. After starting this habit only i felt in chest pain. If i try to control this habit i feel like some thing in lung and it starts burning. There is no blood in mucus its pure white mucus some times its like gel some time its like silaiva. The mucus is some time too salty. Is there any chance to tb?

Pain in chest and throat

Hello, I am 24 years old male . I used to smoke a couple of cigarettes a day from past 4 years but from few days I am feeling pain in chest and lower throat . I also consume alcohol once in a week . the cough has become weird . the pain sensation increased when I smoked after a gap of 2,3 days. The pain is mild and continues . where can I get it treated. Please help .

Wheezing from birth

Dear Sir, I am not sure if it is too late, I have wheezing problem since I was a 6months baby. My parents tried their best to get my disorder resolved taking me to various consultants, However no change. Last, I met Dr. Raju in Raju hospitals for this wheezing problem. He had taken some tests on both my hands and then he suggested me to go with Cipla Inhalers. Since then I have been using CIPLA ROTOCAPS Seroflo 100. (Almost 15+yrs now), I know I cant live without this reliefer. If this medicine get extincted from the world, I am for sure I will die within a week of its extinction :) .. Now, this year, I had severe wheezing due to frequent travel and cold climate, though I live in Chennai. Can you suggest me what can I do.. Is it good to continue using Seroflo 100 rotocaps or I need to do extra medication to get rid of Wheezing from my life.

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World COPD Day- 16th November 2016

COPD is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Although this disease is widely prevalent in our country and is emerging as second commonest cause of death in our country, very little public awareness is made for this deadly disease. It is caused due to smoking on large occasions and can affect ...

Air Pollution From Diwali Fireworks Can Aggravate Asthma.

The festival of lights and celebration brings joy to many, but more trouble to people suffering from Asthma and other respiratory disorders like COPD and Allergic rhinitis.This time of the year, India leads to a spike in respiratory problems due to a combination of factors. Some of these are ...

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7 Tips for Healthy Lungs

TIP 1#Avoid too cold or too sour foods!TIP 2#Use masks while working in dusty places or smoky places! TIP 3#Smoking causes cancer, and you die soon! But, smoking also causes breathing difficulties so that you suffer, but don't die soon! QUIT SMOKING!TIP ...

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Sleep is an important fundamental need of every child for both mental and physical well being. We underestimate the importance of sleep, which is shown to influence the child's growth, immunity, memory and development. The amount of sleep required varies according to the age of a ...

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