Impacted Tooth Surgery

Impacted tooth is a tooth that is stuck under the gums. They are not able to fully erect because of lack of space, misalignment or conflicting position. Although impaction happens to any tooth but it mostly happens to wisdom tooth.

Impacted tooth is a tooth that is stuck under the gums. They are not able to fully erect because of lack of space, misalignment or conflicting position. Although impaction happens to any tooth but it mostly happens to wisdom tooth. ... More

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Dental implant

My dentist told me that i need a dental implant on a lower molar since it cant be saved. I was told it would cost about 50000 for the implant and bone grafting. Is this price okay or overpriced? Also what is the success rate of a dental implant in India ?

Teething issues

Would like to know his teething is at what stage as he is down with fever n also has other symptoms of teething

Fractured Tooth while removing crown

I have been experiencing an occassional tooth sensitivity in my RCT tooth since last 2 months but it became severe since few weeks during which I was unable to even chew food from that side. I visited a dentist and the doctor suggested that the artificial crown which was fixed after RCT needs to be removed as a gap has been observed between the teeth in X-ray. The doctor further suggested, there is a decay in my original RCT tooth which is leading to sensitivity.After removal of crown,then only it can be decided whether a filling & crowning can do or a re-RCT and crowning needs to be done. But while removal of the crown, they told me that there is a fracture in my tooth. The fracture was not there before crown removal, it occurred while crown removal, which they have admitted.What they have suggested me now is extraction of my tooth and tooth implant which is an expensive treatment. Could you please suggest is there any treatment by which I can avoid the tooth extraction.

Swollen cheek

Hi...this is rakesh sharma from Bangalore. I got one of my tooth extracted a few days back , but the right cheek is fully swollen .

Whole lower jaw implant

I want to implant my whole lower jaw pls tell me complete implant charges so i get treatment soon as possible thanks

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Milk Teeth ...Foundation of Future Dental Health

Love my smile ??Deciduous teeth are important too !Milk teeth or deciduous teeth are as important as permanent teeth. They not only help the child to have a beautiful smile , but are also the gateway to their health. It is with healthy teeth only,that your child will be able to chew ...

3 Easy Things You Can Do to Get Rid of Bad Breath!!

Bad breath sometimes become a social stigma and sometimes become a cause of psychological trauma as people avoid talking to you or refrain from coming near to you ......... WHY ? Reason is BAD BREATH!!!! How to avoid it ?Three Easy things to DO-1. Practice Effective ...

Quick Tips on Optimal Oral Hygiene in Ramadan

In the month of Ramadan it is crucial to maintain your dental health in a good condition apart from your routine days. Especially fasting people suffer from bad breath which is very common and it’s pretty much easier to avoid when you keep in mind few quick tips. Oral health not only helps in ...

"Fluoride" - Natures Cavity Fighter

How Can Dental Fluoride Help Protect Teeth From Decay? Dental fluoride combines with the minerals in your teeth to form a stronger, more acid resistant enamel. When the acids produced by plaque on your teeth start to break down the minerals in your tooth enamel, a process called ...

Being Embarrassed by Your Bad Breath ? Follow This to Avoid !

Blog by Renowned Dentist Dr Ratnika Agarwal, SMILE UP DENTAL CARE AND IMPLANT CENTER, Pune Here are 3 Simple & effective tips that you can help you fight bad breath and keep your mouth healthy on a daily basis.Practice Good Oral HygieneIf you’re suffering from bad ...

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