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Depressed and Alone

I pray everyday that this life should end now Everyday i open my eyes i dnt feel happy that i am alive Every morning there is a burden of living another day I have everything yet alone, hollow from inside. Nothing happened which could trigger these feelings, just cannot deal.with anyone or anything now

Anxiety feeling

I feel i am going through anxiety disorder. I can controll my saddness. I feel guilty,worthless and unloved. I cant controll my thoughts. i feel trapped, i feel my life isnt how i wanted it to be. Constantly feeling unhappy, and being angry.. not wanting to talk because i cant explain what i am going through and feel nobody understands. And they feel i am making it all up in my mind to gain sympathy. I am not social, i dont talk to people alot. i spend my day at office quite alone because i feel more people in life is more drama. So i am lonely most of the time. I have trust issues. I doubt people intensions that makes me hard to socialise as i dont trust people. Mostly when i get hurt or sad i feel very depressed.I tend to think a lot. my mind is constantly thinking i cant make it stop. i dont know how people feel with anxiety. I even dont know if i am suffering from it. But i do know what i am feeling isnt just normal sadness.. i cant control my sadness it keeps on growing

Pain along left side of body chest pain

Hi, Well my problem is that whenever I get stressed or even lightly worried I feel my entire left part of body feeling numb, tight and it mildly hurts randomly like my left hand , hip ,knees or stiffening of neck nerves sometimes I cannot point out any specific part it's like i feel discomfort all over my left part of body while the right side looks absolutely ok.I know it's because of accumulation of gas and if I press any part along left side of my body I star burping.what can I do to overcome this like any change of food habit or something like practising yoga or just some pills.Well pills don't really give a permanent remedy as long as Iam off the mood ;stressed worried ;even over something simple this problem starts nd once I it became so severe that my chest started h

Mood swing

Too sensitive, getting anger too quickly, too reactive to people's negative comments sometimes never reacts to worse situation. Suicidal thought now arising frequently as people started to say he became psychic

Social awkwardness problem

When i go to any place alone or with friend i feel insecure. I feel that someone will insult me or people make fun of me that i am hopeless or don't know anything. I feel that someone will harm or hurt me and i will take no action but run away or submit my self to the situation. There were many instances in my life when i felt that i am humiliated and exploited by the people. I have been fooled many times by anyone. still i am struggling to find myself. I live alone in a room away from my parents so that i can find any solution to this problem. i know it is mental issue and i have read couple of books on mental issues and be positive in life but the problem is persistent. Kindly help me to overcome this situation. I haven't told to my parents about this condition.

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Pause, Introspect and Start Again

Everyone has heard these lines from the movie 3 Idiots, “Life is a race, if you don't run fast, you will be like a broken anda(egg).” For so many of us, these words are the gospel truth, the story of our lives so to say. In today’s times it feels like life is truly a race and everyone is ...

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Anger Management - Be Smart

Myth:I shouldn’t “hold in” my anger. It’s healthy to vent and let it out.Fact: While it’s true that suppressing and ignoring anger is unhealthy, venting is no better. Anger is not something you have to “let out” in an aggressive way in order to ...

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Dr. Satish Ramaiah - Psychiatrist
Dr. Satish Ramaiah Psychiatrist (MBBS, MRCP (UK), DHE (Addictions - Leeds University, UK), ESRS endorsed certificate in Sleep Medicine (Edinburgh University, UK)) 14 years experience People Tree Hospitals
1062 recommendations Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore INR 750
Dr. Safiya M.S - Psychiatrist
Dr. Safiya M.S Psychiatrist (MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, MBBS, DPM (Psychiatry)) 8 years experience Mind & Brain Clinic
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Dr. Naveen Jayaram - Psychiatrist
Dr. Naveen Jayaram Psychiatrist (MBBS, MD - Psychiatry) 9 years experience Carewell Clinic
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Dr. Ravi Prakash - Psychiatrist
Dr. Ravi Prakash Psychiatrist (MBBS, DPM (Psychiatry), MD - Neuropsychiatry) 11 years experience Prakash Neurology And Psychiatry Clinic
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Dr. Murthy P S - Sexologist
Dr. Murthy P S Sexologist (MBBS, MD - Psychiatry) 37 years experience Manipal Hospital
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