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I feel I am good for noth

I feel frustrated amd irritated all the time. I think I am going into depression. I feel to commit suicide but do not want to face the aftereffects if I fail to die. I behave immaturely. I think I have not grown up. People get troubled because of me. I went away from my friends. My parents fight with each other since i remember. Why can't i think like others. Sometimes i feel to speak but then I stop beacause they will start explaining me things and prove me wrong.

Lost of self confidence

Hi i am a ca student unable to complete my finals . I want to complete it want to study bt i cant i feel so low . Der is continues pressure from family for being a good daughter ,to complete ca soon, to take care of evrything i cant manage all . I think i was not like dis . I had changed alot evry school mate who meets me feels dis nd ask me y u have changed alot u wer a fun loving girl evrytime smiling . I have lost my smile. Evn though a fun conversation is going on i dnt laugh i dnt dont y i cant.


My father has a psychological problem twice in a year. 45 to 60 he will be admitted in hospital for hypertension, obnormal behaviour,lack of sleep & loose talk about family members. Even though he was taking medican from the age of 18 with proper doctor advice he was not recovered. later we decided to stop medicine from his age of 50. Nothing has been changed only the medicine expenses reduced and we will admit him in some homes where pay them for food and medicine for the period of stay. Once he becomes normal we bring back to my home. We have seen many psychologists and spend around 5 lakhs in last 25 years. Can some one update me is there a chance of recovery for these kinds of issues

I don't know

I only find myself fantasizing, worrying and feeling guilty throughout the day. And I can't actually what I've been thinking throughout the day. I can't study with these voices in my head. However, I can play mini militia with atleast 70 percent attention.

How to make calm

Hello! Sir My brother had taken the drugs/tabletss now his voice becomes loud and angrily fighting with every one and not controlling his taughts .. So pls suggest me how to make him calm

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Dr. Satish Ramaiah - Psychiatrist
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