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Hi can i nebulise my child during sleep

Hi can i nebulise my child during sleep suffering from cold congestion last week

Viral diarrhea

10 month bby in hospital dye to dehydration from loosemotions since 4 days..when will loosemotions stop..there's is no improvement at all.the stool is watery and occurs 15 to 20 times a day.pls suggest as when cam we go home from hospital

Regarding urinary tract infection

Hi doctor ..my daughter is one yr old ..she got urinary tract infection when she was five and seven months old .. recently we have done urine routine test ..and the result shows epithelial cells count as 3-5 hpf and pus cell count as 2-4 hpf ..and her urine is slightly turbid..is that cell count normal or does it specify any infection?

3 months baby having cough

I have 3 months old baby and from last 15 days he is having cough and doctor giving injection for infection and nebulization for cough but with this treatment 0 % effect on his cough and doctor said it will take 3 months to go. kindly suggest me solution


3 month old baby last 4 days he is facing loose motion problem, Dr given a tablet for 5 days course but not any effect for his loose motion. please suggest home remedies.

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Danger Signs of Cough in Children

Cold and cough is very common in growing years of life. It may be due to change in weather, seasonal allergies etc that can thankfully be controlled easily. But sometimes cold and cough can be dangerous and may indicate serious illness. It is necessary to identify signs that indicate that the ...

Why Need of Nebulizers in Child

Nebulizers are an easy way deliver drugs with mist which reaches directly to central airways. It is used in emergency cases and can be used regularly if required. It can also be used in children in following conditions:AsthmaNebulizers are used to deliver drug in acute asthma ...

Need of Regular Vaccinations

We all are acquainted with new pathogens that are formed recently and the pre-existing diseases that take lives of thousands of people around the globe. Every year, a mob of new vaccines are developed to tackle various diseases. A person needs to immunise against the diseases prevalent in the ...

Bedwetting and the Embarrassed Child - All You Need to Know

A wide eyed, red faced child hurriedly trying to yank out a wet sheet off the bed is a common sight to behold in the mornings. Bedwetting is a common problem often causing considerable distress to the child and his family. Most children are toilet trained between the ages of 2 and 5. Many ...

5 Important Steps to Fight Cough in Children.

Coughing is a common issue seen in adolescent age group. It could be due to various reasons such as allergic reaction, pollution, and change in season or any other infection. When any foreign material enters the respiratory system, it produces cough in order to get rid of it. Hence no harm is ...

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