Split Personality Disorder Test

Double personality can be termed also termed as Multiple Personality Disoder which is caused by psychological and neurological changes. In this process person feels detach from himself/herself and not able to sense who is he/she. Multiple personality disorder can be treated with the combination of therapy and psychotropic meditation.

Double personality can be termed also termed as Multiple Personality Disoder which is caused by psychological and neurological changes. In this process person feels detach from himself/herself and not able to sense who is he/she. Multiple personality ... More

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Unusual Issues Since Long

Issues that I am facing are severe anxiety, giddiness, blurred vision, fearful thoughts, improper movement while walking, fearful thoughts and restlessness while travelling, severe headache and heaviness in head, always feels sleepy even after taking sound sleep of 8-10 hours. Sometimes I feel I have taken some drugs or something and feel very weak too. I can't go anywhere. Feels restless while boarding a car/train and starts getting panic. Sometimes I don't like to see anything. I have consulted various doctors but no one can diagnose it. For last few months I am observing sort of vibrating sensation in my body. I couldn't sleep properly.

Delayed sleep or no sleep

Initially my wife doesn't use to get sleep naturally sometimes and with time this problem got chronic and now she very rarely get natural sleep, her work timings our not certain and she works in pressurised cabin in air most of time. We consumed weed for fun on our holiday 6 months back, and then she realised that it helps her in sleeping and she can easily sleep after its consumption. We did visited a sleep specialist to find alternative to the drug but he didnt seem to be much helpful he did sm tests and then gave sleeping pills did not explain the problem well nor the route to treatment . We are from Delhi. She consumed sleeping pills for few days and used to get anxiety symptoms after taking pill also sometimes during the day after 10 days of consumption of the pill she stopped getting sleep from it as well. She has again started smoking marijuana for sleeping. Please assist.

Dont know what its called

Today mornings i and my friend had big fight because a miss confusion at moment my friend suddenly told that she was feeling Dizziness after which i just sat beside her and tried to concol her but then she became like a statue and she stopped talking to me after i thought of giving her maza or some juice as i thought it would be better for her dizziness condition l.we walked for the store which was about 100 meters away but on the whole journey she didn't spoke a word and was walking like a body with no life.then she had maza which i gave her and then we crossed the main road .After which i thought of seating so that she could get some rest. after that when i tried to have a conversation with her suddenly she came back and replied to me. When i asked what had happened to her then se replied that she doesn't remember any thing and she was like suprised hearing that se had a maza and walked so long but she didn't remember any thing. I don't know what she is suffering from pls help.

Loss of interest

My cousin is not interested in anything he loss all his social communication sometimes he speaks to himself and laughs several times in a day, sleeps late night and just sits at home all day doing nothing he is just not interested in anything n never share his problem with any1 a guy with lots of friends arent in contact with anyone now he just stay at home all day and night

Difficulty Concentration

Difficulty in concentration. Short-tempered some times.I know am a sincere student,i got 93% in 11th.I want clear my NEET exam this year,but teachers are skipping chapters as they had already taken fees.I know if i do hardwork by studying different books,i can clear my exam this year only,but i don't why i am not able to concentrate,wasting lots of time on mobile and thinking about my future.My parents are very supportive,they are doing very hardwork for me.Because of all these reasons,i always curse myself.i daily try to complete my time table & hardly complete 3-4 things only.I also get daily motivation,but it has been more than 2 weeks and i haven't followed my complete time table more than once or twice.I am trying daily but failing to complete.I am not able to do anything on regular basis for long period of time.

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Comparing With Premarital Sex Is a Poison for Sex Desire

A 32 year handsome professional man came with complains of reduced desire for sex and ED for 1 year. His was an  arranged marriage with a good looking educated girl. He had a premarital affair with a girl for 3 years. They had sex 3 times a week . He was very happy with the sex life before ...

Ageing and Sexual Health

Lots of men come to me with a coyish look  and  ask " Though I am 45 now but still I thought there must be some years left to enjoy my sex life" !!Too many misconceptions exist regarding the age till one should have sex . These beliefs get reinforced by the commonly found ...

Exercise and Mental Health

Consistently done physical exercise on a daily basis has magical effects, not just on the body but the mind as well. Here is how it works.1) Exercise releases Endorphins, which are endogenous happiness hormones and elevate the mood2) Exercise improves physical appearance, elevates ...

School refusal....what Parents Need to Know

chool refusal is the refusal to attend school due to emotional distress. School refusal differs from truancy in that children with school refusal feel anxiety or fear towards school, whereas truant children generally have no feelings of fear towards school, often feeling angry or bored with it ...

Diary of a Distressed Doctor

Doctors are humans. They are not super humans. They have limited energy. They too get tired. They too have to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner , with fruits or salad portions. They too have to exercise and hit the gym, to stay fit. They too get sick, have Malaria, infections contacted from patients, ...

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