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TBM after 11th month of treatment

9th September, 2017 diagnosed with Tuberculosis Meningitis (TBM) from then initially AKT4 , prednisolone and many supporting medicine was running. Then few days later cyclophosphamide was introduced after getting a series of brain strokes and that medicine was continued for 1month along with other medicines. Due to affect on immunity system cyclophosphamide was replaced with MMF and was continued for 6month 2tab a day. After 3 month of AKT4 , AKT3 was introduced and was running from 4th to 10th month. At the end of 2nd month of the treatment he came from hospital to home. At that point of time he was not able to sit, walk, talk and eat by himself and even had difficulty to move his all 4 limbs. Gradually he became capable of moving legs and hands , then he started talking and eating by himself. From the initial day in hospital  physiotherapy had been given to him and still the same is running everyday. should he continue the AKT treatment now also ?  Time to recover TBM completely?

Calming basolateral amygdala use in rage

I'm asking purely as a hypothesis,in temporal lobe epilepsy, what drugs do that besides topiramate??

Cluster of veins

Cluster of veins in head on 5 month old baby girl. Is this a serious problem. I had sonography. Thank you

Constant headache

Heaving severe headache regularly. its been 5 days now. feeling bit depressed

Colestrol high, 6.5 thairoid, 90/140 pre

Sir I want to know that can I use generic medicines...I have a prescription but the of medicine is high and I can't afford it..

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Having Sleep Issues & Unable to Visit to Doctor-Telemedicine Is the Solution.

Neurology and Sleep Centre has added another facility of Teleconsultation for those who are unable to visit the centre due to distance, don't get time to take the appointment, often travelling due to work etc, You can avail this service by emailing your query at, our ...

Have Sleep issues become common nowadays?

Sleep issues are something which we all are facing and the issues are like we don't get enough sleep, we have a snoring problem, we all don't feel fresh next morning, we feel sleepy during our work, constantly yawning during the day etc. The major cause of all these issues is our ...

Stroke Is Not the Old Age Weakness; It Is Something else..

What is a stroke?Stroke is called “Brain Attack”. It happens  when a part of the brain dies because of  either clotting or rupture of blood vessels. Stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability in the world.Strokes can happen when:An artery is ...

Is a Midday Siesta Good for You? It Can Have Both Psychological and Professional Advantages

A power nap at the workplace can boost your creativity. When we are young, napping is an essential part of our schedule. But as we grow older and our schedules become hectic, we barely have the time to sleep. “A lot of research is pointing to the fact that a short nap in the afternoon ...

Epilepsy Awareness & Guidelines For Patients Above is a link for Epilepsy awareness & guidelines for patients uploaded o...

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