Treatment Of Bleeding During Pregnancy

Vaginal bleeding especially in between the first, second and third trimester of pregnancy has several common causes such as, Miscarriage, cervical infection, Placental abruption and Implantation bleeding. Sometimes very gentle speculum vaginal examination is performed to make sure that it is not cervical or vaginal bleeding Fast pulse rate especially when standing or sitting is a symptom of Pregnancy bleeding.

Vaginal bleeding especially in between the first, second and third trimester of pregnancy has several common causes such as, Miscarriage, cervical infection, Placental abruption and Implantation bleeding. Sometimes very gentle speculum vaginal examin ... More

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Dengue during pregnency

Hi my wife 's fotus is in 5th month and since last 3 days she is suffering from high fever and complete body pain. So shd we consult first any gyno or any physician in such condition. As i was also suffering from dengue till last week .then doc prescribed me Toxiphase can v also give this medicine to her

Piles problem

I am 7th month pregnant n suffering from piles for last 10 days... please help me.. it's very painful

Vitamins for conceiving

Hello, We are trying for conception for past 4-5 months. Are there any multi-vitamins you can suggest which will help speed up the process? If there are any, with no side effects and easily available, can we try taking those for few months before seeking direct expert advice? Also, do I need to get tested before I can start on any multi-vitamins?

Interaction with wysolon

Hello Sir, Me and my wife dont want pregnancy and mostly use condom however sometime when we miss using condom we go for I Pill or some other contraceptive pills. Recently she is been prescribed a medicin called wysolon for some eye inflammatory iaaue, upon reading j found out its a streroid. I want to know if its safe to take I-Pill during wysolon treatment ?

Missed periods by 5 days

We had unprotected sex on 23rd day from the first day of period. First day of period was 14th septenber 2016. We had sex at around 7-8pm in the evening and took an unwanted 72 pill at 10.30 at night. But vomited around 2am in the night. Had even consumed alcohol that evening and had less food. Now the periods were expected on 14 of this month i.e. 14th oct 2016 asper my 30 day cycle. Its 19th of october but missed the periods. We are really worried as we are not married and dont want a baby now. Kindly advise on this.

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Flu Vaccination- CDC Recommendation

CDC RECOMMENDATION FOR FLU VACCINEEveryone with age > 6 months should get vaccinated with Flu Vaccine with few exceptions like people allergic to egg, patients suffering from Guillain Barre Syndrome and children < 6 yrs old. CDC prioritizes the need for Flu Vaccine in general ...

Can Loud Noises From Diwali Crackers Affect Me or My Unborn Baby?

Frequent or constant exposure to loud noises during pregnancy can affect a baby in the womb. But there's no evidence to suggest that occasional loud noises, such as from firecrackers during Diwali, can be of any harm to your unborn baby though they might affect you. Your baby's hearing develops ...

Top 10 Foods That Increase Production of Breast Milk

It's important for every would be mother to learn about breast feeding techniques and benefits of breast milk and what to eat or not to eat during lactation.There are certain foods to increase milk productions,Breast feeding,Breast feeding,breast feedingIt's most important ...

5 Things to Remember When You Are Trying to Get Pregnant

1. Your Body Pay attention to all aspects of your body. Get into a healthy routine of eating on time and exercising regularly. This is a good time to take care of all aches and pains-niggling backache, migraines, toothache and all such things. Drink plenty of water . Avoid eating foods with ...

"The Lil Swimmers"

Male sub fertility can be a distressing situation. Recent guidelines point that for optimum fertility a man needs 15 million sperm per ml of  ejaculate with atleast 42% of them moving rapidly forwards. A simple semen evaluation is a good way to begin investigating in most cases. It's also ...

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