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Cough and cold fr 6mnths

My mother having coughing and cold from last 6 mnths.She is not having any other problems.Which test should I go for her.What kind of disease symptoms these are?

Allergic asthma

Sir, I am suffering from allergic asthma from past few months had lots of medicine but am not been able to treat this problem disease is been cured until am having medicine doctor prescribes me medicine I.e. Montulukast levoceterzin Monutucortil D6 then told me to have only antiallergic medicine daily plz suggest me something so that I can cure this disease

Chest pain sometimes

Hello, I am 25 yr old. I am having a congenital heart disease. A small VSD. I had a test ECHO 20 days ago. But it is normal. Sometimes I feel chest pain . 15 days ago I had dengue. Now I am recovering. But now I have chest pain when I am in rest. When I am active,such as walking then I am fine. I would like to know the reasons behind this.

Hyperinflation infiltrat

My 2y baby xray report describes infiltrates and hyper inflation we are nebulizing asthalin and antibiotic amlocloxin as per Dr but not relief

Chest pain

Hi, There was a general health drive in my office 3-4 months back and they told me that my BP is 180/110 and that I need to consult a cardiologist asap. I checked with a cardiologist and he prescribed ECG, Echo and stress tests. The results were all normal except that I had sinus Tachycardia. The Dr. said that my heart is perfectly alright and that I have nothing to worry about. But since then, I m feeling pain in isolated spots in my chest and general weakness in body and also hearing mild static when there is no outside noise. And since today morning I m feeling dizzy and nauseous. So checked my BP again in a medical and it is 170/110. What's wrong with my body? Could someone pls explain?

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How to Quit Smoking !! A Doctor’s Guide to Kicking the Last Cigarette!!

Cigarette Smoking is one of the leading preventable causes of diseases linked to heart and blood vessels. Moreover, smoking not only damages the lungs but also incites several other diseases in our body. Millions of non smokers , infants and children also fall prey to menace of passive smoking ...

This Monsoon, Let's Fight Dengue

Rain has come and its time to relax after hot climate. Rain brings joy to everyone but it also brings some troubles in the form of dengue, malaria, chickungunya, viral respiratory illness, diarrhoea etc.Today, we will talk about dengue, how to prevent, identify it and the various ...

Is Your Child Sleeping Well?

Sleep is an important fundamental need of every child for both mental and physical well being. We underestimate the importance of sleep, which is shown to influence the child's growth, immunity, memory and development. The amount of sleep required varies according to the age of a ...

Curing Your Runny Nose!

Its always a common problem to get embarrassed while you sneeze in the mid of a party or a function. But there is a cure of the problem. Yes! This could be allergic and allergy can be diagnosed by a specialist and cured by allergy shots (immunotherapy).Allergy can be confirmed ...

Quick Ways To Prevent Swine Flu

Visit your doctor immediately if you have flu-like symptoms like fever, cold, cough and breathlessness, blood in sputum. You could be swine flu positive.Early treatment helps! Don't ignore your headaches n body aches n fever. Cover your nose n mouth if you see ...

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