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Breathing problems

While I'm sleeping suddenly my breathing is stopping so I consulted cardiologist so he suggested me to go for ECG, Echo, TMT. I got ECG, Echo norma but TMT mild positive. He told me for lipid profile Iam a diabetic

Acute bronchitis

Some one please let me know, whether acute bronchitis is caused by virus or bacteria? My husband had consulted doctor at NH  Whitefield for fever,headache, wheezing and had been given medicine for acute bronchitis(Acebrophyline+ acetylcysteine 100 mg, Cefixime taxim 200 mg,montelukast + levocetrizine+ montair LC , paractmol)but his fever has not come down even after 4days. Please let me know what is the problem with medicine?

Shortness of breath

I am having difficulty breathing. Breathing feels heavy and shallow. I also notice that I hold my breath when I start to concentrate on something.

Possible pneumonia? tight lungs?

Hello practo, Small background: used to be a smoker now switched to electric cigarette, I work out 3-5 days/week, skinny 55kg 179cm tall. Allergic to pollen so in early summer late spring I sneeze badly feel like breathing gets a little bit more difficult .. similar effects to hayfever. I have been getting shiver like feeling once I started vaping on my electric cigarette, It starts from the chest intensifies and moves towards my chin, it also gives me the feeling I cannot move hands

Pressure on throat

Hi, Lately I've been feeling pressure on my throat on the left side and I can feel like Its a bit hard to breath which makes me want to cough. Sometimes I can feel a strange feeling on the left side of my chest too. I can take deep breaths without any problems. My pulse can be abit high sometimes (around 100 beata/minute). Otherwise my health is good and only pills I take are birth control pills. Is this something I nees to worry about? I'm abroad right now traveling and will still be for 2 weeks.

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Dr. Hirennappa B. Udnur - Pulmonologist
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Dr. Srigiri S Revadi Pulmonologist (MBBS, MD - Pulmonary Medicine, Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (DTCD), FCCP - Pulmonary Medicine) 40 years experience The Bangalore Hospital
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Dr. Ramesh B.R. - Pulmonologist
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