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I'm unable to excrete properly , I feel like full always , even my stomach feels like a bit swollen and I always put out in small amount but I fell like stomach full .....


Experiencing irritation or itching sensation in the rectal region while passing stool. There is no blood, only irritating sensation. What to do?

Vry less dull pain on rgt side stomach

I get slight pain on the right side of stomach very less pain though on the lower right of stomach which sometime shifts to upper right of stomach. No other symptoms like nausea vomiting or fever. No change in Bowel movement. Color of urine :- clear white. No pain in urination. Could it be appendicitis or just a gas problem ? Or kidney stones ?

Right abdominal pain

I have been having sugar,fatty liver grade2,gall bladder stone,thyroid Tsh 7.9,cholesterol

Vomit feel

Whenever I take bath early morning and especially when I brush my teeth, I get vomit feel. And also after I complet smoking also it is coming.. Can u please help what is the issue and how to cure

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Can Stress be a Reason for Piles?

Stress is a psychological condition in which there is an overload of feelings when things become difficult to handle. Stress has a bad effect on both mental and physical health.  Stress may cause one to lead a faulty lifestyle like improper eating habits, sitting/sleeping all day, ...

How to Diagnose the Haemorrhoid (Piles)

Diagnosis of HemorrhoidsDiagnosis of hemorrhoids is made on the basis of history of complaints, inspection, digital examination and direct visualizationHistory of complaints suggestive of hemorrhoids includes: Chronic constipation Fresh bleeding per ...

A Review of Haemorrhoid

DefinitionHaemorrhoids (derived from Greek word “haima” means blood and “rhoos” means flowing) or piles (in Latin “pila” means a ball) refers to dilated veins occurring in relation to the anus.Hemorrhoids is a common problem. 50% of the people above 50 years of age tend to ...

Recovering After Weight Loss Surgery

To let your stomach heal, you will be advised a liquid diet as it isn’t advisable for you to eat for the first few days following Bariatric Surgery. You will very slowly transition back to solid foods. Your calorie consumption will be much less of what it used to be, and your diet will be ...

Haemorrhoides, The Fear Factor

Once a patient witnesses blood passing through his own body i.e. in stools, it is the most scary part in his/her life.Immediately through his limited hear-say knowledge he self diagnoses to be 'Suffering ' from haemorrhoides / Piles.And the doors of hell open up in his mind. He ...

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