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Cold with cough and wheeze

My son is 10month old baby.. He had cold for 4days with cough and wheezing.. He also had 3 times nebuliser.. Still not cure.. Can I go to homeopathy?

Androgenic alopecia

Can androgenic alopecia cure by naturopathy? I suffer from huge hairfall due to 7 years and I also have hair shedding and baldness problem.wht should I do

Is there any natural treatment for high platelet count

Hi this is a 49 year old male from Kerala who is trying to escape from conventional mode of treatment for high platelet count. So is there any natural treatment or to that matter any home remedies like foods or spices that can control platelet count and treat its rise?

My brother has Schizophrenia

My brother has schizophrenia and I want a permanenet cure for the same , i would prefer ayurvedic or natural process

Treatment for depresion and ocd

Taking sertraline hcl from 2 years 100 mg per day what dose can be helpful for the patient and hightest dose what