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Regular in my Ear (invery pain & itching

Regular in my Ear (inside)very pain & itching last 1 year,use some medicine but result 0.regular pain,eaching nd swelling water inside ny time .when start the pain then feel very headache.

Slurred speech

I have slurred speech from childhood. How can I stop this problem. Pls suggest me any speech therapy or home solution. Thank you.

I stutter frequently

In childhood I used to stutter, as I grown up I was fluent in speaking, since a month I stutter frequently

Ear drop to removeEar Wax

Hello Sir/Mam I am having wax inside my right ear since a long time. Due to which listening capacity of my right ear is slightly reduced as compared to my left ear. I have tried several ear drops but not getting any satisfactory result. So can you suggest any effective ear drop or any procedure which will help to move out the wax from my ear. You suggestion will be highly appreciated. Regards Chinmay

Not able to speak

My son not able to speak and he lost his teeth in the age of 2 years. he can pronounce few words. not able to pronounce full sentences.

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Hearing Aid Maintenance - Sky Speech & Hearing Care

Every DayWipe off aid with a dry clothTest the battery Check earmold opening for waxEvery NightStore hearing aid in a dry cool place – preferably a dry-aid kit, if not the hearing aid caseTurn off the aid and open the battery ...

Baby at 4 Months Development (Sky Speech and Hearing Care)

                                                                    Baby at 4 MonthsHow your child plays, learns, ...

How to Find Which Hearing Aid Suits Me the Best?

Hearing aid is a digital electronic device that amplifies sounds to meet the reduced hearing power. Hence it has a bundle of amplifiers (channels) and they can be adjusted (bands) using a software by trained audiologists. Hearing aids come with a variety of special features and the price varies ...

Ten Tips to Protect Yourself From Many Voice Problems

Drink plenty of water. About eight glasses a day. Limit your intake of drinks that include alcohol or caffeine.Avoid smoking.Do not cradle the phone when talking. Cradling the phone between the head and shoulder for extended periods of time can cause ...

Ear Phones and Hearing Loss

Insert earphones, ear phones,headphones, Bluetooth devices–they're everywhere today–plugged into mobilephones, iPods, MP3 players, computers, tablets, and more. These are used bykids, teens and adults of all ages; and provide private listening in schools,gyms, at home, on the ...

Mr. SLP Sanjay Kumar - Audiologist
Mr. SLP Sanjay Kumar Audiologist (BSc - Speech & Hearing, Masters in Speech Language Pathology) 13 years experience Sanjay Speech Hearing and Rehabilitation Center
322 recommendations Hebbal, Bangalore INR 900
Ms. Divya Menon - Audiologist
Ms. Divya Menon Audiologist (MASLP, P.hd Speech & Hearing) 21 years experience Octave Hearing and Speech Centre
250 recommendations Koramangala 3 Block, Bangalore INR 600
Mr. Ravindar Varakala - Audiologist
Mr. Ravindar Varakala Audiologist (MASLP, BASLP) 13 years experience Harmony Speech And Hearing Clinic
847 recommendations Whitefield, Bangalore INR 200
Mr. R. Gokulraj - Audiologist
Mr. R. Gokulraj Audiologist (BASLP, MASLP) 16 years experience Ashruti Clinic for Speech and Hearing
17 recommendations Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bangalore INR 400
Ms. Anitha V - Speech Therapist
Ms. Anitha V Speech Therapist (BASLP, MASLP) 4 years experience Gupta's Speech And Hearing Clinic
31 recommendations Yelahanka, Bangalore INR 400