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Use mobile headach starting

When i using mobile or laptop for5-10 min my headache starts. If I used mob for 3-4 hours then I'll totally ill. I use my specs regularly. And I can't wake up with fresh mind. I was sawed to ophthalmologist he told me you have a bright screen allergy and he gave me some eyedrops and tablets but still it's not cure my problem so I have to question what should I have to do for proper diagnosis to met physician /ophthalmologist or mind doctor first suggest me plz and give me a right direction

Eye irritation swelling of eyelid

My son is 2.5 yr old. He has irritation in his right eye and mild swelling. Got treated by Sankar Netralay Kolkata yesterday and they gave solutions. Problem subsided for a day and has come back.

I have eye pterygium in both eye

I have eye pterygium in both eye. I consult doctor he suggested for surgery. Removal of pterygium since it is effecting my vision.which surgery is safe and how long i should put leave for office..

The eye lid/under eye

I've had this problem for a week. Either it is from an argan creme I used that I bought a year ago or it's some sort of reaction to a toxin. My eyes are swollen in the morning, burn and itch on underneath the eye, looks like cuts. Very wrinkly. almost like sunburn feeling. I've tried Benedryl, neosporin, aloe, nothing seems to work.


I will undergo LASIK after 2 weeks from now. Doctor will perform LASIK on Alcon Femtosecond Laser LASIK ( Model : FS 200). I want to know that is this Laser best in the market or better than that is available?. What is excimer Laser then? What is the difference between EX 500 and FS 200?. Is this Alcon FS 200 Femtosecond LASIK BLADELESS? Doctor said as I have a cylindrical power of -2.75 D, I may not have the desired result ( 10% chances). Best Laser correction is achieved if only spherical power exists. What is the issue! My BCVA is 6/9, doctor said. Will I be able to see 6/9 immediately after surgery or will it take time to reach to that level ? I have asked too many questions, please answer in detail one by one. Detailed answers are requested. Thanks

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Shades for Your Eyes- Fashion or Necessity?

Come summers and people start using shades for their eyes, also called sun glasses.It is a necessity, actually!1) They cut down intensity of light entering the eye, thus reducing 'glare'2) They absorb UltraViolet light that causes early cataract formation and also damages ...

Should You Be Worried About Glaucoma? Yes, if You Are Over 40.

Everyone over 40 years of age should get an eye examination to rule out Glaucoma though it can affect anybody including children and even infants. People more at risk are those who fall in one or more of the following groups   Are over 40 years oldHave high ...

Smartphones and Digital Eyestrain

Smartphones have become the revolutionary tools of the 21st century. these have virtually perpetrated all aspects of our lives universally. Nevertheless, the effects of significant digital eyestrain is increasingly becoming evident affecting enormously affecting our younger ...

Myopia - Know the Ways It Can Be Treated!

What Is Myopia (Nearsightedness)?Myopia is a common refractive error of the eye that makes it difficult to focus on far away objects. People who are nearsighted will see objects close to them clearly, while those further away appear blurry. Myopia is natural. An overall longer shape of ...

Contact Lens: Are They Safe? Shall I Use Them?

Refractive error is most common eye related problem these days. Approximately 30% people under 25 years of age have one or other form of refractive error. Common forms of refractive error are Myopia, Hypermetropia and Astigmatism. Two common non invasive options to counteract these refractive ...

Dr. Rahul Jain - Ophthalmologist
Dr. Rahul Jain Ophthalmologist (MBBS, DOMS, Fellowship in Glaucoma) 8 years experience Dr. Jain's Eye Clinic
1585 recommendations BTM Layout, Bangalore INR 300
Dr. T A Srikanth - Ophthalmologist
Dr. T A Srikanth Ophthalmologist (MBBS, MD - Ophthalmology, MNAMS - Ophthalmology) 33 years experience Tirumalai Eye Clinic : A Super Speciality Centre
1979 recommendations Jayanagar, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Sirish Nelivigi - Ophthalmologist
Dr. Sirish Nelivigi Ophthalmologist (MBBS, DNB - Ophthalmology, Fellowship in Anterior Segment (FIAS), Fellowship in Glaucoma) 22 years experience Nelivigi Eye Hospital And Surgical Centre.
510 recommendations Bellandur, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Vinay Patil - Ophthalmologist
Dr. Vinay Patil Ophthalmologist (MBBS, MS - Ophthalmology, Fellowship in Cornea and Anterior Segment) 10 years experience Sankalp Nethralaya and PolyClinic
213 recommendations HSR Layout, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Sanjeev Madan - Ophthalmologist
Dr. Sanjeev Madan Ophthalmologist (MBBS, MS - Ophthalmology) 32 years experience Whitefield Eye Clinic
116 recommendations Whitefield, Bangalore INR 500