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Weight Gain problem

Hello Doctors, Me and my husband is facing for weight gain problm, my height is 5'7 weight is 69,and my husband height is 6 and and weight is 96 can you please suggest some solution or proper diet for weight loss as we are working so becz of our daily schedule we are unable to workout, does morning walk or Jogging can help it ?? Please suggest as earliest as possible Thanks

Reducing weight

I got married recently.After marriage i put more weight.Need to reduce weight in a healthy way.Because of weight i have more inferiority complex issues

Anabolical Steroids

I am a boy, 22 years old who works out nearly every single day at the gym & want to gain muscles but I don't wanna use steroids because they have many known problems to the body from head to toe but I want an opinion of a doctor. What do you have to say about these artificial synthetic man made hormones ??? Should one use it or not ??? If use it what should be the dosage ???

Weight loss

I noticed my body weight is reducing from last 2 to 3 months.Iam looking weak and thin.I have normal apettite and food intake.I dont have any infections recently.I had 56 kg and now it reducd to 52.


Iam a M.B.B.S. student 2nd year i eat a lot means a hell lot But still my weight is not increasing Iam complete vegetarian since iam thin and lean i have started eating eggs i want to increase my weight iam not knowing the exact cause of it but i do not have any metabolic disorder pls help me out my diet is as follows: Breakfast: not able to take since morning class is there lunch: 6 chapatis or rice with 1 bowl dal evening: things that i get in mess like poha pao bhaji samosa sandwich night: 6 chapati n chawal n dal or beans

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Nuts Good for Gut!

Raw organic nuts are a great source of healthy fat, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. And, contrary to popular belief, eating healthy fat will actually help you lose weight. Far more often than not, if you're struggling with excess weight, it's because you're eating too much sugar and ...

How to Protect Yourself Against Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer screening involves two tests: Pap smear and HPV test. Pap smear and HPV tests help in detecting precancerous lesions and early cervical cancer, which can eventually increase survival rates due to early detection.Cervical cancer screening detects abnormal cells before they ...

Healthy You in 2017

Maintaining a Healthy you is Very Important to  Live a Stress Free, Longer & Quality Life.To Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle is not Very Difficult it is just the Matter of Prioritising, if Health is at top most Priority then managing just a few changes in your Lifestyle Would not seem very ...

Fenugreek Seeds and Diabetes

Fenugreek, better known to us as “Methi” and botanically from the Fabaceae family is used as an herb (dried or fresh leaves), a spice (seeds) and also as a vegetable  (fresh leaves that is methi and sprouts).One of the healthiest seeds used in cooking and also for its medicinal ...

Curb Your Cravings: Artificial Sweeteners

Are Artificial Sweeteners healthier than the table sugar? Whether your goal is cutting calories or eating healthier? Understand the pros and cons to make an informed choice. So, to help you decide, here is the real deal on the sweeteners. Today, the most commonly heard term is the ‘Artificial ...

Dr. Akhila Joshi - Dietitian/Nutritionist
Dr. Akhila Joshi Dietitian/Nutritionist (BNYS, MSc - Dietitics / Nutrition) 8 years experience Health Springs - Obesity And Lifestyle Management Clinic
157 recommendations CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore INR 1000
Dr. Daisy Rani Rao - Ophthalmologist
Dr. Daisy Rani Rao Ophthalmologist (MBBS, Post Graduate Diploma in Ophthalmology, Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, Certificatein Life Style Coaching For Weight Loss.) 35 years experience Vibrant Life Medical & Wellness Clinic
30 recommendations Kalkere, Bangalore INR 350
Dr. Raksha Nandagudi - Dietitian/Nutritionist
Dr. Raksha Nandagudi Dietitian/Nutritionist (BAMS, PGD ND) 9 years experience Cool Curves
42 recommendations Jayanagar 3 Block, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Sharmila Shankar - Ayurveda
Dr. Sharmila Shankar Ayurveda (BAMS, Diploma in Clinical Nutrition) Ayushya Ayurcare Clinic
14 recommendations Malleswaram, Bangalore INR 250
Dr. Nafeesa Imteyaz - Dietitian/Nutritionist
Dr. Nafeesa Imteyaz Dietitian/Nutritionist (Ph D., MSc - Dietitics / Nutrition, Fellow Of Academy Of Nutrition & Dietetics (FAND) USA) 21 years experience First Eat Right Clinic
1940 recommendations Indiranagar, Bangalore INR 600