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My 1 month old daughter is crying uncontrollably .have given her colic aid but did. NOt help.her stool is v hard and she has been in trouble fr last 2 days now.passing stool but trying for it almost thr entire day.her stomach is also v tight.

I need advice...plz help

Hello daughter is 4.6 yrs old ....and her pead her priscribed her tonoferon p but bymistake the medical person gave tonoferon adult...amd i did a mistake tht i strted giving her the syrup without checking wethr its for kids or adult...and i was giving her 5ml once daily but after 5 -6 days she started getting rashes on her gums n lips...and thy wer sore....can u plz help me in it the side effect of giving her adult syrup.

Air travelling and baby

Air travelling with a 7 months old baby and doctor advised to give him pacifier. Kindly suggest is this going to help. Do I have any other options.

How long to continue Neopeptine drops

My baby is 6months old. Due to indigestion doc suggested to use neopeptine drops daily 0.5ml twice a day. In 3 days her digestion was improved. I have been using it since 1.5months. How long should I continue ? P.S. My daughter is completely on formula feed.

Fever continues every six hours

My daughter 2 years old suffering fever from last two days after taking paraciitamol fever goes down but after 3 to 4 hrs it came again what to do

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Tonsils in Children – Expert Treatment

The job of ‘tonsils’ is to help us fight the germs that enter through our mouth or nose, that might cause several infections if they make way into our body. And though we remain almost ignorant of this as they keep on doing their job just like other organs, sometimes they are infected ...

Danger Signs of Cough in Children

Cold and cough are very common in growing years of life. It may be due to change in weather, seasonal allergies etc that can thankfully be controlled easily. But sometimes cold and cough can be dangerous and may indicate serious illness. It is necessary to identify signs that indicate that the ...

Why Newborn Need Nursery Care?

As parents, we want the best for our children but unfortunately, sometimes the beginning isn’t that great. But thanks to the advanced medical facilities we have today, deformities, abnormalities, and other medical conditions at birth can now be easily normalised with the help of nursery ...

Common Lactation Problems and Their Solutions

Though it is very much known to all, that breast feeding is one of the most natural processes of existence, as it can be. But unknown to many is the fact that it doesn’t come that naturally to the mother. The mother constantly struggles to keep up with this new phase in her life, and in the ...

Milk and Kids: What Every Mom Should Know

NOV5Milk and Kids: Overdoing itIn the best advised families, for kids 6 months and older,moms understand that they come down on breastfeed, start feeding solids, and as a corollary somehow it means starting animal milk.All pediatricians across most of the world have to deal with growth ...

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