Anger Management

Anti ageing treatment is the technique implemented to slow down the process of aging. After years of research physicians have come up with several anti-ageing skin care products, healthcare supplements and surgical procedures.Anti-ageing treatment may include applying of skin care products that can fight with the seven signs of ageing.

Anti ageing treatment is the technique implemented to slow down the process of aging. After years of research physicians have come up with several anti-ageing skin care products, healthcare supplements and surgical procedures.Anti-ageing treatment ma ... More

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What is this called?

Today was my friends birthday,so i asked permission to go,she said no,i got irritated and shouted that the is sadist.But Afternoon i left to c my friend.Usually she sleep in the afternoon but today while i was with them she called me via phone,and started asking me wat i told her today morning.i replied and she slowly started shouting at me as if its totally my fault ,she told me i am not listening to her,and she slowly went to the future of wat it would happen if i start earning and shit.and then she told me that she is not gonna talk to me here after.i don't kknow wat to something wrong with the way she understands things??,wat bothers me is that she called me just to shout at me....

Hypochondria issues

Hi. From last 2 years, I've seen the fear of health slowly take a toll on me. It started with some symptoms that doctors were unable to detect on why they are happening. It turned out to be Vitamin D deficiency. Post that I've been super aware of my health. I feel small issues might be serious illnesses. I get scared by a cut thinking it might give me tetanus. A mosquito bite makes me think dengue. I have tinnitus, I've stopped going to all concerts. This is taking a big toll on happiness. What can I do to curb down hypochondria? Thanks.

Depression and anxiety

So the problem is i might be going to some depression and panic attack . there are sudden laugh and screams . headaches chest and stomach pains sometimes heart rashes are also felt .. head gets heavy from up and back side ... having little problem in remebering things ,,...... and if somethings happen which i dnt like usuallly tht point of time it happens like face get red and gets really hot and warmed up .... tears come very often on very small things alsoo

Sadness or depression

Hi mam.. it has been quite long since i am feeling low. there is always a restlessness within me. i am not able to figure out wat it is.. sadness just struck me at times and i burst into tears... m not able to concentrate on things. also i don't get sleep easily... it is aggravating day by day and m now scared of this feeling.


I was in a toxic relationship. He used to beat me but i he loved me a lot. When i brokeup he was shattered. He is not able get himself together and i feel really bad. I already feel bad about the breakup and now because i hurt him. While we were in a relationship, i hurt him. He did too. I don't know what to do. Was breakup my right decision? I cant explain how i feel by breaking him. I ignore to think about my feelings. My sleep is disturbed.

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Tips to Sleep Well

Sleep problems are fairly common. In fact, one in four people experience sleep difficulties, which include trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, early morning waking, sleeping too much, or restless or unsatisfying sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep can ...

Bring Back Fire in Sex Life-2

May I remind you that these are only suggestions. You can mould them as per your convenience. The idea is to make you comfortable as a sensual and sexual couple. Please do not try to prove anything to yourself or to your partner. Thoughts like “What if she’s not satisfied?” and “Am I ...

The Stress Management Strategy You Need by Dr Mohit Shah

Stress  can be described as a circumstance or situation that disturbs or is likely to disturb the normal physiological or psychological functioning of a person.Dealing with Stressful Situations: The Four A’s1. Avoid unnecessary stressLearn how to say ...

20 Sex Myths You Need to Stop Believing!

The man should always be the sexual leader....MYTHA woman should not initiate sex....MYTHMen should not express their emotions....MYTHA woman should always have sex when her partner makes sexual approaches....MYTHAll physical contact must lead to ...

3 Ways Couples Can Improve Compatibility

Focusing only on sexual intimacy is unhelpful unless you have an emotional compatibility and connect with your partner. This is because a good relationship and good sexual intimacy are very closely linked to each other. Here are top 3 tips to help improve couple ...

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