Age-Related Macular Degeneration Treatment

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Whitish milky thing on my iris (eye)

Bloodshot eyes, looked like a white spot on my left iris, blurry vision, usually i wear lenses but now i cant because it hurts if i do, headache and eyes feel tired

Suffering from myopia current sight 6.25

My name is afridi I am 17 year old and suffering from myopia since the age of 8 years .but from few last year my sight go down at very fast speed.all doctors says that everything is normal and the reason for that is your eye is weak.please tell me the correct reason

White cloudy substance around right eye

Back when I was 10 I tore, what I was told, the sixth eye muscle. The muscles to move the eye. I have had two surgeries to try and correct this double vision I have now. Those surgeries, to what I believe, involved moving one of the other muscles slightly over to fill the missing role. Now, at 26 I am experiencing a slight discomfort puffiness feeling around it. I wear contacts and it feels puffy the most when I have them in, but I am going to say that might be psychological because I have all the other options available that contacts can arise to worry about as well. I am unsure if it is just scar tissue that I shouldn't be worried about or if it is something that can be scooped out. It does look and feel different than normal eye boogers though.

Treatment for Dry eyes

Please suggest me treatment for dry eyes in homeopathy. My mother is suffering from dry eyes from 5 years

I have blurred vision

I have left eye -2.75 and right eye -1.75.both eye are astigmatic left 150 degree and right 180 degree. Without spectacles my vision is completely blurry.what will be the date of my eye in future ? Is Lasik a better option or it has complications ?

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Retinopathy of Prematurity

RETINOPATHY OF PREMATURITY -   DR. CHAHVEER SINGH BINDRA   INTRODUCTION: Originally designated as retrolental fibroplasias by Terry in 1952 who related it with premature birth. The term ROP was coined by Heath in 1951. It is potentially blinding condition typically ...

Keep Your Eyes Safe This Holi!

How can eyes get affected during Holi? There are various scenarios of eyes getting some kind of damage during Holi celebrations:Direct impact of a water balloon on an eye. It can cause concussion, abrasion or both. (Check your vision and take expert opinion). Some times ...


Retinopathy is any acute or chronic damage to the ‘Retina’ of the eye. It is most commonly seen in people with uncontrolled diabetes and also with controlled but long standing diabetes. Second most notable causes of retinopathy is Age Related Macular Degeneration (Dry ARMD) & Choroidal ...

Lasik Laser- When Should You Avoid It?

 When should you opt for Lasik lasers for eye glass removal? When should you avoid it? Can you again become myopic after LASIK lasers? Read to find out:-These days Lasik lasers is promoted as one stop shop for eyeglass removal. The complications of Lasik lasers are highly underplayed due to ...

Smartphone & Kids- Its Not Smart for Your Eyes.

Parents using smartphone may not experience much harm but your little ones are prone to serious consequences which anyone rarely tells you. Read on... (Early myopia, crossed eye, dry eyes, attention deficit, aggressive behavior, poor concentration and of course obesity leading to diabetes later ...

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