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Scared of addiction

I'm 31 yr old female. 6 months back, my bro was diagnosed with epilepsy. From that day I couldn't sleep, crying often, I can't eat, I can't be normal. A general physician prescribed me Stalopam plus 10mg for 40 days. It really worked well. Then he tapered the dosage to 5mg for thirty days. But I didn't follow it after 20 days. I quit it cold turkey for 1.5 months. I frequently started crying and confused. Now again he has prescribed stalopam plus 10 mg again. I'm hesitant to take it. Shall I?

Mood swings.

I am unable to make decisions of any kind. Whenever provided with choices i cannot stop overanalyzing. Most of the time I don't feel like talking to anyone. I made a career choice under parental pressure and now I regret it and cannot stop thinking about it. I have lost my appetite. Most of my day is spent in thinking , what am I doing, why is this happening? I have been like this for almost 1.5 years and cant seem to calm myself. I tried meditation , I tried physical activity. I feel good in the moment but then again all sorts of negative thoughts penetrate my mind. I find myself mentally absent from most of the situation and end up doing something wrong. I worry that I am not the son my parents deserve and I am not capable of doing anything worthy anymore. Whenever I see a new career opportunity I Will move towards it and as soon as I have it near me, I will leave it convincing myself that I am not good enough for it.

Insight into delusions?

I’ve been having what seem to be delusions for a long time now. But I haven’t told doctors because I know they’re not real. I think that people can hear my thoughts and there are tiny cameras everywhere watching me and reporting. There’s a tiny rational part of my brain that knows they’re not true, but I still completely believe in them and act and react accordingly. If anyone challenges them I’ll insist they’re true. But part of me knows they’re not. Are these actually real delusions?


Hi, I am just wondering if there is something wrong with me. I'm having uncontrollable mood swings that have me okay one minute and down the next. I'm barely being able to sleep at night(generally for about 3 hours at max) which is often accompanied by horrid nightmares. My weight seems to be completely up and down where I go months barely eating anything to pretty much eating everyrhing. I find it difficult to feel happy about anything, I tend to get angry alot and struggle to cope with eve

Kid fears social interaction

I am a single parent and My child is 9 yrs old. He is doing well academically but have trouble making friends. I used to thought that he is shy, but I guess it’s beyond that. His social life is negligible. He hardly speak to anyone in school. He is too fidgety and naughty too. Does any therapy will help?

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