Dietitian Nutritionist

Most dieticians are trained to provide expert advice to patients on what to eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle or achieve a specific health-related goal. A registered dietician can help you chart a diet plan making sure that you get all the necessary nutrients during the initial months of pregnancy. A Dietitian/Nutritionist specializes in treatment of diet for kidney patients, excessive fat, iodine deficiency, obese and stamina. A Dietitian/Nutritionist provides services including High Cholesterol Diet Counselling, Gout, Pre and Post Dialysis, Gall Bladder stones and Gynecology.

Most dieticians are trained to provide expert advice to patients on what to eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle or achieve a specific health-rela ... More

Ms. Shikha Mishra - Dietitian/Nutritionist
Ms. Shikha Mishra Dietitian/Nutritionist (Post Graduate In Food Science And Nutrition) 11 years experience More Than Diet
413 recommendations Sarjapur Road, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Akhila Joshi - Yoga and Naturopathy
Dr. Akhila Joshi Yoga and Naturopathy (BNYS, M.Sc.- Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics) 10 years experience Akhilasoukhya-Weight Loss and Lifestyle Management
288 recommendations Kaggadasapura, Bangalore INR 1000
Dr. Bharathi AV (PhD) - Dietitian/Nutritionist
Dr. Bharathi AV (PhD) Dietitian/Nutritionist (BSc - Dietitics / Nutrition, MSc - Dietitics / Nutrition, PhD - Food Science and Nutrition ) 22 years experience Fortis la Femme
97 recommendations Richmond Town, Bangalore INR 1500
Ms. Sushmaa Jaiswal - Dietitian/Nutritionist
Ms. Sushmaa Jaiswal Dietitian/Nutritionist (MSc - Dietitics / Nutrition) 34 years experience Swasthya Nutrition
317 recommendations Whitefield, Bangalore INR 1500
Ms. Nafeesa Imteyaz - Dietitian/Nutritionist
Ms. Nafeesa Imteyaz Dietitian/Nutritionist (MSc. - Dietetics & Food Service Management) 23 years experience First Eat Right Clinic
3476 recommendations Indiranagar, Bangalore INR 700
18 Feedback Koramangala, Bangalore
Swasthya Nutrition
Swasthya Nutrition Dietitian/Nutritionist Clinic
2 Feedback Whitefield, Bangalore INR 1500
Impact Physiotherapy & Pain Management Clinic
Impact Physiotherapy & Pain Management Clinic Physical Therapy/Physiotherapy Clinic
22 Feedback BTM Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore INR 450 - 800
First Eat Right Clinic
First Eat Right Clinic Dietitian/Nutritionist Clinic
8 Feedback Indiranagar, Bangalore INR 700
First Eat Right Clinic
First Eat Right Clinic Dietitian/Nutritionist Clinic
10 Feedback JP Nagar, Bangalore INR 700
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Nutrition Facts About Wheat Flour

One of the main household items you will find in every Indian kitchen is wheat flour mainly used for making chapati, naan, paratha and puri. The two types of wheat flour available in Indian market are whole wheat flour and maida or all-purpose flour. There is no debate on whole wheat flour being ...

Diversity of Salts

Indian food is all about savory let it be paratha-chutney, idli sambhar or poha and the main ingredient is salt. Our taste buds are not used to food without salt or with too little salt. Even though the word ‘Salt’ brings us an image of a white powder used commonly in almost every kitchen, ...

Health Benefits of Ghee

Generally people think that ghee or clarified butter is unhealthy and fattening, which can easily make you gain weight. BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE!Homemade ghee, made from cow's milk comes packed with essential nutrients that are required for a healthy body.Ghee is an ...

How to Set Fitness and Diet Goals

We have all, at least once,boasted about going on a diet or having a healthy lifestyle and ended up eating anything edible but healthy. We have all been there. With all the hustle bustle, constant work pressure, it is almost a necessity to try and have stress-free and healthy life. Now, I know ...

How to Overcome PCOS?

PCOD or PCOS is a common reproductive endocrine disorder, affecting about 5% of the women of the society. It refers to ‘Polycystic Ovary Syndrome’. It is said that excessive amounts of androgen are produced by the ovaries. Androgen are actually the ‘male’ hormones such as testosterone. ...

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Diet plan for weight loss

I am weighted 91 kg so want to reduce my weight. currently doing exercise but want a proper diet plan to follow which will help me in reducing weight

Can I take Apple cider vinegar In diet?

Hi, I have hypothyroidism problem as well as pcod, Im taking thyrox 37.5 every morning in empty stomach. Can I add apple cider vinegar in my diet?  when and how can I consume it?

Insulin Resistance

Hello, i am having insulin resistance from 2-3 years. From last 4 months i got to know that i am also suffering from Acanthosis Nigricans. I want to know whether i can eat a banana before workout?

Is consuming MILK bad?onlyHUMANS do this

Some set of doctors say animal milk should not be consumed... how true is it... they say humans are the only species that consume milk from other species... no other animal does that... but some set of doctors say milk is mandatory for calcium and vitamin d... which set of doctors should we believe ?

Diet chart

Dear sir Your chat cost is very high 499 showing .I can't pay that much can u advice hear diet plan with friuts and vegetables My age 28 Unmarried Weight 55 Height 5.3 Private job Pls advice tips thanks