Dietitian Nutritionist

Most dieticians often lay down the do’s and don'ts in regards to diet and eating habits of patients during the counselling session. A registered dietician can help you chart a diet plan making sure that you get all the necessary nutrients during the initial months of pregnancy. A Dietitian/Nutritionist specializes in treatment of calcium deficiency, diet for diabetes patients, eating disorders, malnutrition and stamina. A Dietitian/Nutritionist provides services including Slimming, Weight Loss Treatment, Functional Nutrition, PCOD/ PCOS Diet Counselling and Hypertension.

Most dieticians often lay down the do’s and don'ts in regards to diet and eating habits of patients during the counselling session. A registered dieti ... More

Dr. Akhila Joshi - Yoga and Naturopathy
Dr. Akhila Joshi Yoga and Naturopathy (BNYS, MSc - Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics) 15 years experience Akhilasoukhya-Weight Loss and Lifestyle Management
527 recommendations Kaggadasapura, Bangalore INR 500
Ms. Twincy Ann Sunil - Dietitian/Nutritionist
Ms. Twincy Ann Sunil Dietitian/Nutritionist (B.Sc.- Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics) 2 years experience Apollo Spectra Hospitals
5 recommendations Koramangala 5 Block, Bangalore INR 600
Ms. Rohini Raghu - Dietitian/Nutritionist
Ms. Rohini Raghu Dietitian/Nutritionist (MSc - Dietitics / Nutrition) 19 years experience Apollo Clinic
8 recommendations Basavanagudi, Bangalore INR 700
Ms. Silky Mahajan - Dietitian/Nutritionist
Ms. Silky Mahajan Dietitian/Nutritionist (B.Sc. - Home Science (Food & Nutrition), M.Sc. - Home Science (Food & Nutrition), Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition) 16 years experience Foods & Nutrition
329 recommendations Koramangala 3 Block, Bangalore INR 1770
Ms. Vinny Joglekar - Dietitian/Nutritionist
Ms. Vinny Joglekar Dietitian/Nutritionist (MSc - Nutrition and Dietetics, B.Sc. - Home Science (Food & Nutrition)) 43 years experience Health & Diet Clinic
287 recommendations Old Airport Road, Bangalore INR 1000
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Gut Health Microbiome Testing

Curious about your gut health? Understanding it can help prevent issues. Microbiome testing, which analyzes your gut's bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms, is a popular method. This test reveals how your diet, lifestyle, and environment affect your gut, offering ways to improve it. The results ...

How to Reduce Weight Fast

Effective Ways to Reduce Weight: Insights from the Best Dietitian in LucknowLosing weight can be a challenging journey, but with the right strategies and guidance, it can be achieved healthily and sustainably. The best dietitians in Lucknow emphasize a holistic approach to weight loss ...

Which Fruits Can Help You Lose Weight?

You must be wondering how fruits, with their natural sweetness, help manage weight. Research shows that higher fruit intake correlates with less weight gain. Whole fruits, rich in fibre and water, keep you full longer and reduce calorie intake. Choosing fruits over high-calorie snacks cuts ...

Best Diet for Hypothyroidism | Treat Hypothyroidism With Us

Best Diet for HypothyroidismLiving with hypothyroidism can be difficult, but with a healthy diet and changes in lifestyle, you can control your condition quickly.  Dietician Ashu Gupta, an experienced dietician based in Gurgaon, has helped several people find relief through ...

Health Q&A
Does fasting helps

Does 24 hour fasting helps to promote the LDL decrease in your body. Also it helps to reduce the uric acid etc..?

Best calcium supplement

Can you suggest best calcium supplement brand for 6 year old kid since most of them on market are unreliable

Vitamin B12 & D are low ,

Trygliceride are high , I have knee pain , suggest some medication please Should I take injection for vitamins

High uric acid

My husband's blood report says Uric acid 10.00H Blood urea nitrogen 8.69L Blood urea 18.60L What should I add in and remove from his diet?

Need advice on Vitamin D deficiency

I've been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency based on my latest test report, which indicates a value of 14 ng/mL. I've begun receiving a weekly Dr. Morpen D3 shot. Considering my significant deficiency, can I increase the dosage? Please advise.