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Abdomen pain

Pain in left side upper abdomen and loose motions along with moderate fever from last 2 days what can be the cause

Too muvh acid and gas

I have been taking liofen and Razo 20 along with urosol 600.but still sensation of heat in whole body and tiredness along with gas and acid in stomach is not resolving. I am feeling very helpless and loosing all hopes.kindly help

Unable to eat or drink

I have been having severe abdominal pain the last 4 days I haven't been able to eat or drink anything in the same time frame I've been running a fever chills and event vomiting and have diarrhea should I go to the hospital

Abdomen pain

Hi, My name is roshani,past one week I am having fever n cold, last two I am feeling pain in my right abdomen upper side.(near gallbladder or leavrr)...it happens only when I eat anything or drink a lot of water, or I sleep on one side.. I need to know how to diagnose what is it..

Passing stool

Hello, Hope you are doing fine Its been a year I am unable to pass stool. Sometimes I am able to but it's only when I take medicine. But these medications work sometimes and not always. I am not facing any problem with urine passing, my only problem is with stool passing. I take 4 meals a day and in between these meals I usually eat snacks. So it's not that I am not eating properly I eat a lot but still i am facing this problem. Also the quantity of food consumption is not shown in my body. I am thin and I weigh 45 kgs. My age is 31 years. There is no sign of fat in my belly or swelling. It would be helpful if you could suggest me any test or symptoms of any kind of problem I might have. Looking forward for your response. Thanks and Kind Regards Saba Khan

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Intragastric Baloon for Treatment of Obesity

                                          INTRAGASTRIC BALOON FOR TREATMENT OF OBESITY  IntroductionObesity is a complex metabolic illness which increases the ...

Gas in the Abdomen

                                             GAS IN THE ABDOMENGas in the abdomen is a common problem in all over the world among all age of patients.What are the Gas ...

Is Your Throat Hurting ??

Sore throat is usually due to a viral infection and like all virals they run their course and go away. But you can do a few things at home to tide over the illness. Start gargling with warm salt water every few hours. Along with providing symptomatic relief, it also reduces the viral ...

Balanced Diet

Balanced diet is very essential for preventing lifestyle related diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension and acid reflux. Balanced diet means having high protein less fatty diet. It can also prevent immunity related diseases like Tuberculosis and cancers too.Vitamins and minerals in ...

Pancreatic Stones

Chronic pancreatitis or pancreatic stone diseases are formations of calcification or stones in the pancreatic duct causing duct blockage. It may lead to obstruction and pancreatic leading to acute pain in stomach radiating to back or chronic lingering pain. It may lead to indigestion leading to ...

Dr. Dinesh Kini - Gastroenterologist
Dr. Dinesh Kini Gastroenterologist (MD - General Medicine, MBBS, DM - Gastroenterology) 27 years experience Sakra World Hospital
235 recommendations Bellandur, Bangalore INR 1000
Dr. Ravindra B S - Gastroenterologist
Dr. Ravindra B S Gastroenterologist (MBBS, DNB, DM - Gastroenterology, Fellowship in EUS & Therapeutic Endoscopy) 18 years experience BGS GLENEAGLES GLOBAL HOSPITAL
3549 recommendations Kengeri, Bangalore INR 600
Dr. Sreenivasa D - Gastroenterologist
Dr. Sreenivasa D Gastroenterologist (MBBS, DM - Gastroenterology) 21 years experience N N Gastroenterology Centre
442 recommendations RT Nagar, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Aravind Gubbi - Gastroenterologist
Dr. Aravind Gubbi Gastroenterologist (MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MAHA, FICS, MASGE) 20 years experience Gubbis - Centre For Endoscopy, Colonoscopy And Gastroenterology
480 recommendations Vijayanagar, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Praveen Mathew - Gastroenterologist
Dr. Praveen Mathew Gastroenterologist (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Gastroenterology, Fellowship in Therapeutic Endoscopy and Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)) 16 years experience Trinity Gastroentrology And Diagnostics
382 recommendations Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore INR 600