Vaginal Itching Treatment

Vaginal itching is generally referred to as ‘Vaginitis’ that is an inflammation of the vagina. Studies have suggested a possible clinical role for the use of standardized oral or vaginal probiotics in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, either in addition to or in place of the typical antibiotic regimens.Vaginosis or vaginal itching is treated with antibiotics or antiparasites.

Vaginal itching is generally referred to as ‘Vaginitis’ that is an inflammation of the vagina. Studies have suggested a possible clinical role for the use of standardized oral or vaginal probiotics in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, either in a ... More

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Piles proble in Pregnancy

I am 26 years old lady and 31 weeks pregnant. I am suffering with Piles problem since last 1 month. I face chronic pain for 2-3 days in every 10 days and 2 days bleeding during bowl movement. I haven't constipation. This is my first pregnancy. Currently I am having below medicines - sustain Tablet 200mg 2 times calcium, Iron, Vitamin Tablets one antibiotic to correct urine infection for 14 days only. How to get rid of Piles problem during pregnancy? Can I use Homeopathic medicine during pregnancy? While I am taking all the precautions in my daily food even please provide your suggestions. I can't sleep

Pregnancy reg

MY WIFE CONFIRMED PREGNANT. WE HAVE JOINED ON 18 THE DEC. TODAY SHE CONFIRMED PREGENENT. Iam already have two kid. I don't want again child. Can you advice in this stage medicine can used for destroy the pregenecy.

Itc ing,pain

My vaginal lips urts and itc bad now inside t ey are turning w ite almost like dead skin color no disc arge and I was told it's an infection but s ould I be worried?

Itching at vagina

Lot of itching, little swollen, redness, it's been a week now. I thought some infection, applied clean n dry broad spectrum Anti fungal cream. It's not cured and the itching is increasing. Couldn't visit a doc due to work. Should I visit one?

Bleeding in G Sac

Hello, I'm a 30 year old female. Currently 6 weeks (approx.) pregnant. As per the USG the Crown Rump Length is 7.0 mm, FHR is 124 bpm. A Bleed of 10x5 mm is seen on inferior aspect of G Sac. My currect Doctor has suggested complete rest along with the below medication;- 1. Tab Thyronorm 50 mg. 2. Tab Susten 300 mg (once before bed time). 3. Tab Duphaston (twice a day). 4. Tab Folvite (once a day). Apart from this, I'm also to take inj. Maintaine 500 mg twice a week till the 12th week of pregnancy. I just want to know is there any chance of a miscarriage with this Bleed and what are the chances of normalization in my case.

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Hyperemesis Gravidarum: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Hyperemesis Gravidarum: Hyperemesis gravidarum is a condition characterized by severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and electrolyte disturbance. Mild cases are treated with dietary changes, rest and antacids. More severe cases often require a stay in the hospital so that the mother can ...

Something You're Eating Is Making You Unhealthier Without You Knowing It!

If you are eating burger, pizza or drinking soda, you know that it’s not doing any good to your health. But an ideal 3 meals per day, including upma or paratha for breakfast, BROWN BREAD sandwich for lunch and roti-sabji for dinner sounds healthy. Isn’t it? Well, cereals ...

IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) - Treatment Option for Infertile Couples

Pregnancy- The most precious GIFT to a WOMANDiagramatic- How IUI is doneHow the sperms meet the eggsIntroductionWhen couples get married, they often view parenthood as the next stage in their family life. They want to have a child, they want to be “mom” and “dad”, they cannot ...

My Copper-T Has Gone Missing,i Am ,What Should I Do?

There are many effective contraceptive ( Birth Control ) methods available for women.Placement of a small device in the uterus is one such method. Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device-IUCD, Intra Uterine Device-IUD are the medical terminology used for this method of birth control. In ...

When ‘Copper-T’ Fails & Results in Unwanted Pregnancy- What Should You Do?

Every birth control measure (Contraceptive method) has its own failure rates which results in pregnancy. Intra Uterine Devices- IUD,( IUCD- Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device) which isknown as ‘ Copper –T’ in layman’s language also has its failures.Presenting features of pregnancy ...

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