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2 fingers can be passed in mouth hardly.

Mouth is not opening fully due to chewing tobacco. I visited doctor few years back, they used to inject medicine in mouth and had taken 4-5 and left afterwards. There was no improvement at that time and the situation is as it is till now.

Tight gum and increase gum

I wad done scaling and policing since 1 month ago but my gum was no tightly in teeth. Gum is little fluchaut up and down some teeth. My doctor was five some medicine ( doxt, limcee) and rexidin-m fort gel for gum massage.

Swallon cheeks inside

I have swelling inside both cheeks from yesterday...i had lump there but its now healed...i asked denist she said its beacause wisdom tooth biting...plz tell me medcine to get rid of this swelling...its paining plz help

Teeth problem

When I eat apple or guava blood is seen on fruits. It may be my gums are weak. Please advice what to do

Mouth wound treatment and healing

How to treat wound in mouth which seems to swelling up and have a fresh wound in mouth ..... how to treat the cut in mouth please help

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Thumb Sucking#fingersucking#pediatricdentist#

Thumb sucking is a natural reflex for children. Sucking on thumbs, fingers, pacifiers or other objects may make babies feel secure and happy and help them learn about their world.Young children may also suck to soothe themselves and help them fall asleep.How Can Thumb sucking ...

Ultimatum for Dental Health - Teeth Grinding

 The technical name for teeth grinding, clenching the jaw, or the lock jaw is Bruxism.  It sometimes happens to people as they sleep or concentrate or stressed. It can happen while sleeping or while awake; consciously or without knowing it; to adults as well as to children. Grinding ...

Save Your Teeth

You have 32 of them, they come in different shapes and sizes, they make you look young and most of all, they give a dazzling smile.. Your teeth are one of the hardest and strongest structures in your body. Despite its importance, your pearly whites are often the most used, abused and ...

Doyou Know What Malocclusion Can Do to You?

Everyone knows that straight teeth give you a beautiful smile. Did you know that straighter teeth can also affect yourover all health? Crooked or misaligned teeth, deep bites also known as malocclusion affects 74% of  adults. Left untreated, crooked teeth can lead to gum disease ...

Dental X-Rays#picture#detectdamage#

During your first dental visit, you would have been asked to take a dental x-ray. This question may cross your mind before, “I only want to get my teeth cleaned, why do I need to take an x-ray?”So here we will tell you two reasons as of why we need to take dental x-rays for a regular ...

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