Tooth Erosion Treatment

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Severe toothache

Hi...i had 4 month old daughter. ..and i had a cavity in my wisdom teeth with severe pain.y doubt is that when I pull my tooth out? is there any problems like tetanus or delirium after I pulled my teeth out? plz help me

Dermatologist or ENT specialist ?

Have an ulcer that won't go away, looks like a raised growth. It's on the tongue and has been there for more than 2 yrs now. Didn't change in size, a GP suggested I get it cut off but should I see a dermatologist or a ENT specialist ?

Bitter taste

I’ve had a bitter taste in my mouth after eating it’s happened before and just went after a while

Sores And blisters

I have had a blister and sores around my mouth for the last few days.has become swollen.

Tooth extremely sensitive to pressure

I had a root canal to put on a dental cap on my lower lateral incisor for cosmetic reasons. The tooth was perfectly healthy prior the treatment but every since the root canal the tooth has been very sensitive to pressure that I can't even touch it with pain and I can't even take a bite with it. I had visited my dentist several times and she said there was no infection and slight soreness is expected post root canal treatment. But it's been nearly 7-8 months and it's still just as painful as day 1. Now I regret even getting the cap. What could be the reason for this pain? And how do I cure it?

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Sensitivity and Sensitive Toothpastes - the Dentist Opinion

The Television Advertisements (Ads) space is swarming with various sensitive toothpastes Ads, bragging how they are advanced and why one is better than the other.Some Ads go an extra mile showing how dentists and foreign lands are prescribing sensitive toothpastes to patients and getting results ...

They Are Not Just Baby Teeth!

Aren't you inquisitive to know what is so important about baby teeth?Human beings are a diphyodont species, meaning we have two successive sets of teeth: 1.  Primary more often referred as "deciduous" or "milk" or "baby" teeth2.  Permanent ...

Ignorance Is Not Always Bliss

The tooth made up of two hard tissues covering the nerve(soft) tissue /pulp.Hard tissues are (i)Enamel (ii)Dentine●Enamel is translucent,shiny structure made up of hydroxyapatite crystals and is supposed to be most hard tissue present in the entire human ...

Are You Suffering of Pale Gums and Why?

Causes and symptomsAnemiaAnemia occurs when the body is not getting enough oxygen-rich blood. A lack of blood cause pale gums.In addition to pale gums, a person with anemia may notice the following symptoms:-Inexplicable exhaustion or weakness-Shortness of ...

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